Man surfing at Oahu


Holidays to Hawaii often involve sitting on white sandy beaches, lazily sipping a cocktail and enjoying a good read, but if you visit Oahu this season, your time on the shore will be much more exciting.

The Billabong Pipe Masters, one of the most thrilling surfing competitions on Earth, is coming to Ehakui Beach Park on December 9. Some of the world's most daring surfers will be going head to head and taking on the Banzai Pipeline, a wave that has claimed more lives than any other.

Two events in one

The Billabong Pipe Masters event is the culmination of two of the most highly anticipated surfing competitions - it's both the final stop for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and the last event in the Association of Surfing Professional's Men's World Tour.

What makes the Benzai Pipeline so dangerous? Aside from it's gargantuan size and barrel shape, it also runs over a reef that features coral heads and gaps that are responsible for injuries, broken boards and around one fatality a year.

Fortunately, the surfers competing in these two events are highly skilled, meaning spectators can still enjoy the show without worrying about seeing anything too gruesome.

Grab your board

Though the Benzai Pipeline is only suitable for experienced surfers, there are plenty of places in Oahu ideal for beginners. 

The famous Waikiki Beach has a gentle surf that is perfect for those just learning how to ride the waves, such as Big Wave Dave’s in Waikiki.

The town of Ala Moana also has kinder swells. You'll find many surfing schools there and along the beautiful beaches of Oahu's North Shore.

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By Dan Moore

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