If you haven't been to Whistler Blackcomb, Canada's premier ski resort, you haven't experienced a true wonder of winter sports. It's one of the most popular ski destinations in the world and a major draw for Australians who love zooming down the snow-covered slopes.

Getting to Whistler

Whistler is located just north of Vancouver and Seattle. Both of these cities are fantastic places to visit if you have enough time in your itinerary.

If you want to see both, book a flight into Seattle's airport. From there, you can rent a car and drive about three hours to Vancouver, then another two or so to Whistler.

One thing to note - there are sometimes bad roads depending on the weather, which could delay your trip or at least slow you down as you travel. Be sure to check the forecast before you leave and plan accordingly, because the Canadian climate can be unpredictable.

What to do

Whistler offers incredible and thrilling slopes for skiing and snowboarding, but there's a lot more to do there when you are ready to take a break. In fact, there's an entire village with shops, restaurants and points of entertainment to keep you busy every hour of the day.

If you plan on visiting during the holidays, why not take a sleigh ride through the snow? You can sip hot chocolate and sing Christmas carols as a horse-drawn sleigh pulls you through the winter wonderland that is Whistler.

Travelling with kids who are too little to ski? Not a problem - the entire family can have a blast at the Tube Park. You don't need any lessons or special skills to coast downhill in a giant tube!

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By Dan Moore

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Image courtesy of Flickr user kcxd.