Photo from Outside Lands Music Festival, San Francisco


San Francisco Beer Week, where local breweries come together and share a series of great craft beers with anyone who cares you indulge. The SF Beer Week events take place across the greater Bay Area and its purpose is to celebrate the growing community of brewers, beer lovers and the large number of exceptional venues that feature craft beers. After all, this part of the state, Northern California, is the birthplace of craft beer and has been on the leading edge of the craft beer movement. Safe to say you can taste a good craft beer or two if you visit San Francisco during Beer Week!

San Francisco International Film Festival

Founded in 1957, the San Francisco International Film Festival is the longest-running film festival in the Americas. It is held for two weeks every spring and is a superb showcase of cinematic discovery and innovation. During these two weeks, there are some 200 films and live events shown and more than 100 filmmakers in attendance. The Festival attracts an annual audience of more than 80,000 and if you time your holiday right, you may be one of the lucky ones participating!

San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade

The last weekend of June, San Francisco becomes the epicentre of celebrations for the gay and lesbian communities during the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade, but more commonly referred to as “Pride Week.” There are extravagant parades and exhibitions and a number of vendors in downtown San Francisco. Throughout the week there are a number of performances by well-known artists like Lady Gaga and Elton John. 2015’s event theme is Equality without Exception.

Outside Lands Music Festival

In the middle of summer, thousands upon thousands of people pile into the Golden Gate Park to hear some of the biggest names in music perform over a long weekend. Usually staged at the beginning of August, Outside Lands is a magical weekend for any music lovers, as you are sure to find at least one act that strikes your fancy. There are single day passes sold, or if you are looking for a more immersive experience, you can camp out for the whole weekend to stay close to the action and your favourite artists.

Pick your preferred from the list and begin planning your festive visit to the west coast of the United States of America and one of its most celebratory cities—San Francisco. Whenever you travel internationally, be sure to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy tucked away before you leave. Having the back-up will make it easier to let loose, feel more comfortable and fully embrace the fun, wacky and unique events that happen in San Francisco!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Daniel Hartwig