Like every major city in the world, in Buenos Aires there will be opportunities for pickpocketing and theft, and there will be people who are more than willing to take advantage of those opportunities. Each city seems to have their own special way of conning people out of money and some are more forceful and others are more passive aggressive.

Nestled at the foot of the towering Andes Mountains in the Patagonia region, lies a charming city with picturesque views and a Swiss-like atmosphere. Bariloche is centred in a National Park of the same name and with all of its natural beauty there is no question why it is quickly becoming a city to rival its larger counter parts in Argentina.

When traveling to another country, it’s a pretty common situation to find yourself in a place where no one speaks English. Thankfully in most tourist locations there will be people around who have picked up some English or even speak it fluently. By brushing up on a few key phrases, and working through how they sound with phonetic spelling, you’ll be light-years ahead of the tourists who assume everyone will understand them. These ten phrases will also help you out if the person you are speaking with has very broken English, the translation isn’t coming through very well or if you need to let them know you’ve lost the thread of the conversation.

Situated right next to the Lago Nahuel Huapi shoreline, Bariloche has one of the most picturesque and gorgeous settings imaginable. No matter the time of year, Bariloche has a plethora of activities for the most active or most wandering of tourists. The main town of Bariloche (formally known as San Carlos de Bariloche) actually resides inside a national park by the same name, and it has quickly become the prime destination for visitors looking to visit Argentina’s famed Lake District. There’s a lot of fun to be had in Bariloche without even stepping foot into the city. Head for the hills, the peaks, the valleys, or the lakes and get ready for the adventures and explorations that you are bound to have when staying in Bariloche, Argentina.

Deep within the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains sits the sweet tooth paradise known as San Carlos de Bariloche – an Argentinian city with a Swiss cultural twist. Often considered the ‘Chocolate Capital of South America,’ Bariloche is the real-life Candy Land you must visit if you get the chance. To help navigate through your sugar-induced haze, use Cover-More’s ultimate guide to get a taste of the must-eat sweets of Bariloche.

Nestled beneath the Andes Mountains of Argentina, Bariloche is not only a nature lover’s paradise, but also a luxury-lover’s nirvana. For those that seek to escape the exertion of daily routines, Bariloche is the perfect remote getaway to unwind and rejuvenate. Whether you prefer facials, body wraps or massages, you can indulge and pamper in the setting you find most comforting. Many of the spa treatments can take place in the comforts of your own room while others offer a spectacular view of the Nahuel Huapi Lake or surrounding mountain tops.

If you are planning to spend a longer amount of time in Argentina (more than a day or two), then it is likely that there are a number of cultural differences that will be very obvious, and potentially upsetting, to foreigners visiting. Like any big change, adapting to a new culture will take some time and the adjustment will get easier as time passes. 

From spicy meat pies to sweet vegetable stews, Mendozan cuisine blends the tastes, textures, and traditions of old world Italy and Spain. To ensure you get the full flavour of this tasty city, use Cover-More’s guide to Mendozan dining, a list of ‘must-tries’ throughout the city:

Taking over almost the entire bottom half of South America is the vibrant and flavourful country of Argentina. In a country where you can experience the supple Atlantic Ocean beaches, the largest ice cap outside of Antarctica and Greenland, one of the world’s most popular (and luxurious) waterfalls, and the highest mountain peak in South America, it’s hard to make a short visit to this country.

The best time to visit Uruguay is from October through March when the sun is shining and the temperatures are perfectly mild. Punta del Este is overflowing with tourists in the summer months and if you want some