Welcome to the Americas

Comprising of North, Central and South America – The America’s covers 8% of Earth’s total surface and is known as the New World. It’s made up of 35 countries with the largest populations coming from the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

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Hiking is a favourite hobby of many an outdoor adventurer and it’s not hard to see why its popularity never wavers. There is something about standing on the edge of a cliff and putting earth beneath your feet to get there that can’t be matched. There are no modern distractions, technology crazes fall behind you and you have everything you need to survive the trek in your trusty backpack. Bask in the beauty of Mother Nature and get in touch with yourself and the stunning vistas on offer in the United States and around the world. Read on for ten of the best hiking spots in the United States ranging from novice trails to highly-experienced enthusiasts.

From the bustling cities along the coast to the quiet and reserved villages, there is one element that ties the massive country of Brazil together. Harmony pervades this superlative country where the longest beaches, largest river, biggest forest and best soil all combine to create an upbeat rhythm and joyful nature found throughout Brazil.

Another part of the country that is hard to describe in a short list is the plethora of delicious meals that have been created and shared in Brazil. While there isn’t one specific regional dish, there are numerous distinct regional dishes.

It’s hard to pinpoint just a few things that encompass and embody a country as large as Brazil, but as much diversity as there is, a few experiences and locations still stand out above the rest as true “must-see” spots.

Brazil is a family-friendly country full of activities and fun things to try. From the depths of the jungle to the shimmery sands of their coastline, kids and parents alike will delight in the range of attractions waiting for them in Brazil.

In a country as large as Brazil, it shouldn’t be hard to wander off the beaten path and find something unique and truly Brazilian along the way. However, it can be hard to abandon a large city full of life and excitement to traverse a relatively quiet and isolated path through the smaller and less-touted spots in Brazil.

Brazil is an enormous country full of diverse landscapes, unique wildlife and a ton of people. As a visitor, chances are you will want to take photos of the amazing places you see, experiences you take part in and locals you see and meet.

Today's post comes from young Aussie travellers Wise Monkeys Abroad who are in Brazil for the World Cup. On the eve of the Socceroos second game against Netherlands, the Wise Monkeys Abroad give us an insight as to what it was like to be at the first Socceroos game and what it's like to be caught up in Brazilian World Cup fever.

Today's post comes from young Aussie travellers Wise Monkeys Abroad who are in Brazil for the World Cup and to travel around this amazing country. The Wise Monkeys Abroad share their trips on travel in Brazil.