Welcome to the Americas

Comprising of North, Central and South America – The America’s covers 8% of Earth’s total surface and is known as the New World. It’s made up of 35 countries with the largest populations coming from the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

When visiting the South American country of Argentina, Gastronomy is such an important part of their culture; you get the opportunity to experience a place whose culture has been infused from the Spanish, the Italian and the French descendants. Regardless of these influences don’t expect to be served classic dishes from any of those countries. When you sit down to a meal in Argentina you will be treated to classic meals with a distinctly Argentine twist. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what it is, but you are guaranteed to fall in love with the food in Argentina.

When you are travelling through a country as large and diverse as Argentina, it can be hard to get a shot-list that encompasses everything there is to see. You may not have enough time to hit all of these incredible spots in Argentina, but if you can cross a few off your bucket list you will come away with stunning photographs and unbeatable memories of the natural and cultural wonders in Argentina.

Buenos Aires, often referred to as “the Paris of the South,” is a city that beholds the charm of European flair but the sultriness of Latin America. With soaring architecture, rich heritage, and flaming passion, you are sure to fall in love with the vivacious, bustling capital city.


Like every major city in the world, in Buenos Aires there will be opportunities for pickpocketing and theft, and there will be people who are more than willing to take advantage of those opportunities. Each city seems to have their own special way of conning people out of money and some are more forceful and others are more passive aggressive.

The weather in Argentina isn’t especially predictable and if you plan on travelling through more than one region of the country, chances are you’ll experience completely different temperate zones. The further north you go, the hotter it will be and vice versa—the further south into Patagonia you head, the cooler it will be. Pack your thermals, dancing shoes and your jackets into your campervan hire and start your adventure through the always surprising, always enjoyable Argentina.

By now we know just how much people in Argentina love steak. They consistently top the charts in terms of meat consumption per person in the country and once you have a taste, you’ll understand why steak makes it onto Argentine menus and plates most nights. But what about what else the country, and more specifically Buenos Aires, has to offer? There are restaurants tucked into every nook of the city, but all restaurants are not created equal. Whether you are grabbing something on your way to the next tourist attraction or if you have a few hours to relax in a cafe, here’s a list (courtesy of Pick Up the Fork) of some quick, cheap and easy meal options for anyone navigating Buenos Aires with a grumbling stomach.

Like Argentina, Buenos Aires is a city full of things to do for every sort of traveller and person. There is a thriving cultural scene with teenagers and older generations celebrating the exuberance of the city. Everything here has a sizzle that is hard to explain directly, but you’ll catch glimpses of the sizzle everywhere. Heated debates about sports spill onto sidewalks, young lovers exchange passionate looks over drinks in dark and crowded bars, and kids and parents excitedly relate the events that took place during their days.

Nestled at the foot of the towering Andes Mountains in the Patagonia region, lies a charming city with picturesque views and a Swiss-like atmosphere. Bariloche is centred in a National Park of the same name and with all of its natural beauty there is no question why it is quickly becoming a city to rival its larger counter parts in Argentina.

When traveling to another country, it’s a pretty common situation to find yourself in a place where no one speaks English. Thankfully in most tourist locations there will be people around who have picked up some English or even speak it fluently. By brushing up on a few key phrases, and working through how they sound with phonetic spelling, you’ll be light-years ahead of the tourists who assume everyone will understand them. These ten phrases will also help you out if the person you are speaking with has very broken English, the translation isn’t coming through very well or if you need to let them know you’ve lost the thread of the conversation.

Situated right next to the Lago Nahuel Huapi shoreline, Bariloche has one of the most picturesque and gorgeous settings imaginable. No matter the time of year, Bariloche has a plethora of activities for the most active or most wandering of tourists. The main town of Bariloche (formally known as San Carlos de Bariloche) actually resides inside a national park by the same name, and it has quickly become the prime destination for visitors looking to visit Argentina’s famed Lake District. There’s a lot of fun to be had in Bariloche without even stepping foot into the city. Head for the hills, the peaks, the valleys, or the lakes and get ready for the adventures and explorations that you are bound to have when staying in Bariloche, Argentina.