Do you dream of trying something new? There are a slew of exciting new activities that are perfect for your next holiday! Climb a mountain, parachute out of a plane, go horseback riding and more as you explore this wonderful world of ours.

Take a Safari across the Serengeti

Travel to South Africa and join a safari that is fully accessible for able and disabled travellers alike. Physical impairments won’t prevent your access to an adventure holiday where you can personally encounter African wildlife. Check out companies like Epic Enabled, located in South Africa, where you can travel the terrain safely, come face to face with cheetahs, walk/wheel with lion cubs, and enjoy the famous sunsets of South Africa. Choose from tours that last a few days up to 8-10 days where you can travel through National Parks and take a Private Game tour that showcases the magnificence of the animals that call Africa home.

Dog-Sled across Frozen Tundra

This is an incredible holiday experience. Not only are you braving the winter climes and intense weather of the Arctic, but you will also be working with and communing with a team of animals who work tirelessly to pull you and your travel companions across the ice and to your destination. Imagine gliding across the snow in Scandinavia where you can “mush” the team yourself, or sit in the sled and let an expert guide take charge.

Take a Plunge with Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a well-known activity for recovering from an injury and it is also possible for people with a wider range of disabilities. If you use a wheelchair, you can be teamed with a dive buddy to explore the oceans. Before booking a full diving holiday, it may be wise to test it out in a pool near home to see if you like it. Popular destinations include the Red Sea and Tenerife, where there are fantastic facilities to help get you under the water and discovering new things.

Sail the Seven Seas

Head to the United Kingdom where you can learn to sail solo or as a part of a team. The Royal Yachting Association’s Sailability programme aims to bring boating to people with disabilities. There are over 200 clubs in the UK that will teach you the way around the boat. In some cases a disabled sailor will be partnered with an able-bodied companion and in other clubs you can learn how to sail solo aboard access dinghies, which are designed not to capsize.


There isn’t much that that you can do that is more exciting that skydiving. Whether it’s in your country or somewhere abroad, skydiving is a truly adrenaline-pumping adventure. Tandem parachuting (which you are required to do for your first dive) has you in a duel harness with an instructor, making it a real opportunity for those with a disability. The instructor is in charge of the descent, deployment of the parachute and the landing while you get to fully enjoy the thrill of flying through the sky towards the ground. Plus sometimes the participant may be able to steer the parachute for a part of the descent.

Before you take off to try one of these exhilarating adventures, take a moment to consider travel insurance. Travel insurance provides piece of mind so you don’t have to worry extensively about illness, stolen luggage and more on your holiday. Add adventure travel insurance from Cover-More and cover your trip with 24/7 emergency assistance and more.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Richard Taylor