Map on smart phone


It's time to hack your life with travel hacks from Cover-More Travel Insurance. We've been around the globe and back again to bring you the smartest travel tips on travel planning.

Travel hacks for getting around

  • Use Google Maps offline by typing 'OK Maps' instead. The visible area will save for you to access later. Use the airport Wi-Fi or your home connection to look at maps online and save them for later. Put your phone in airplane mode; the GPS will still connect without causing you to rack up massive data fees.
  • Use ATMs to get local currency instead of using a money changer. If you have taken a look at our top travel hacks for avoiding scams abroad, you know that money changes are often scam artists looking to steal your money. Use ATMs, even if there is a small fee associated, for a safe way to get the right currency. ATMs dispense local currency, so use your debit or credit card to get money there.
  • Use the local language as much as possible. You will often find locals more receptive to travellers attempting the local language, even if it doesn't come out right.
  • Store your money in a lip balm tube to avoid falling victim to thieves. Hollow out a lip balm tube and it makes a perfect place for paper bills.
  • Use beer to tell if a restaurant is overpriced. When you first arrive at your new destination, see how much a beer costs, and then compare beer at restaurants to this standard price. As a rule of thumb, if the beer is overpriced the food will be, too.
  • Looking to see all the attractions on your next trip? City tourist cards offer awesome savings, even if they cost a little extra up front. As a general rule, city tourist cards save you about half off the cost of seeing the attractions individually.
  • Look online and plan your schedule around free days. Most museums have special discount times or free nights. Some museums even offer free visiting hours.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Johan Larsson; cropped from original