What is a babymoon?

A babymoon is a fancy way of saying a holiday you take before giving birth. It’s usually taken somewhere between having morning sickness and when you get too big to want to move anywhere (or fly). It’s usually taken before a couples first child so they can enjoy the final moments of peace and quiet together before their world changes.

Why babymoon?

Imagine this…you’re about to launch into a minimum of 18 years of tears, laughter, noise, toys or clothes everywhere, school drop-offs, fights about chores, the “I’m sick” hugs, making chicken soup, cleaning up vomit, and finally the stress of teaching them to drive. You’ll probably want to take a holiday before that, right?

A babymoon is a great opportunity for the couple to unwind and make important decisions like baby names, whether to find out if it’s a boy or girl, or who to name as guardians.

What to look for

There are a lot of hotels and destinations that have jumped on the babymoon bandwagon. Packages include luxury accommodation, relaxing massages, welcome gift hampers and buffet breakfasts (you are eating for two after all).

You’ll want to make sure that wherever you pick, you have access to:

  • A large comfy bed
  • Extra pillows
  • Good food that has been hygienically prepared
  • Massages or day spa
  • A nearby hospital or doctors

What you need to pack

Make sure you always have the following items with you:

  • Prenatal charts/medical notes
  • Emergency contact details
  • Journal and Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Comfy clothing and shoes
  • Prenatal vitamins and any other medication
  • Insurance documents

And if you’re travelling overseas you’ll need:

  • Compression stockings
  • Doctor’s letter permitting travel
  • Thongs or slip-on shoes (easy to take off on the plane or at customs)
  • A list of foods to avoid

Are you covered?

Cover-More Travel Insurance can provide domestic and international insurance for women who are travelling during or before their 23rd week of pregnancy. When you choose Cover-More, you will automatically receive pregnancy cover as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • You haven't had any complications with your current or any previous pregnancies,
  • The pregnancy is not a multiple pregnancy (e.g. twins or triplets)
  • The conception pregnancy was not medically assisted (including hormone therapies and IVF).

If you don’t fit the criteria for automatic cover, you can still apply for cover of your pregnancy. Regardless of whether you are covered for your pregnancy, there are some exclusions to the policies as we don’t cover childbirth or for the medical care of a newborn under our pregnancy travel insurance benefits. We recommend you consult with your doctor if you plan on travelling past your 20th week. Please check the PDS of our policies before purchasing or talk to one of our customer service team on 1300 72 88 22. Please check the PDS of our policies before purchasing or talk to one of our customer service team on 1300 72 88 22.