We sent Dan off for an adventure of a lifetime and let our Facebook friends choose where he would travel to and then what he would do each day whilst overseas. He ended up in Peru & had an incredible experience. Before he left, we gave him a Global SIM card to use whilst over there. Here's his Global SIM card review.

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Ok so planning a backpacking trip overseas can be a bit daunting especially if it's your first time and you're going solo. Things like booking connecting flights and buses, what to pack if you're visiting winter and summer climates are all part of the planning process, not to mention what do I do about a SIM card?

Lucky for me I've done a fair chunk of travelling around the world and quite recently done most of it solo. For business trips, the company generally pays for your phone bill or sorts some kind of global SIM card for you but I've never really had to look into sourcing a card for myself. On my latest trip to Peru, I used a SIM card that CoverMore Travel Insurance gave me. I had used CoverMore for most of my trips for travel insurance and found them great to deal with so thought I'd give the Global SIM card a try.

The whole process was refreshingly simple. I use an iPhone 4s and this card cater for the micro SIM (some other company's only use the older large SIM card). The activation process was really simple. I just jumped on their website, followed the simple prompts to activate and "Bob's ya uncle". I was now in business (Tip: Make sure your phone is unlocked by visiting your provider's website and following their instructions).

As long as you follow the simple dialing structure of placing a * at the beginning of the number and a # at the end you can call and message world-wide and the best part it's super cheap! I wouldn't travel overseas without some kind of a travel SIM these days as a bill from your local phone dealer can take quite the chunk out of your bank account if you don't plan ahead. There are plenty of different companies offering travel SIM deals, some better than others but having used the Global SIM card for South America I can honestly say, the activation was a breeze, topping up the card on their website is a breeze, their customer service was prompt and friendly and the call costs were some of the cheapest out there. If you're traveling for a short trip or large trip I'd definitely recommend the Global SIM card for your trip. I've been diagnosed with the 'Travel Bug' so I'll have to head back overseas to quench a thirst shortly and will definitely be using this SIM card again.

Dan Moore was supplied a global SIM card courtesy of Cover-More Travel Insurance for his trip to Peru.

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