by Alex Dacre, Customer Service Team Leader

As cruising becomes more and more popular, people are paying huge amounts of money on some amazing cruise itineraries. When the cruise departure date is still some months away, travel insurance becomes even more important..


In serene Circular Quay on Sydney’s famous harbour you unpack your bags in your room. This morning your balcony overlooks the Sydney Opera House. Tomorrow the view will be completely different. You are about to embark on a cruise among the serene islands of the South West Pacific. You have all the luxuries of a modern resort coming with you and, best of all, you won’t have to pack again until you return to Sydney.

It’s no wonder that cruising is the fastest growing sector of the Australian tourism industry. Annual passenger numbers have grown by an average of 21% year on year since 2002 (Cruise Industry Report, Australia 2011). Australians are also going to more destinations and for longer durations each journey.

The Australian Government recommends when going on a cruise holiday, you should take out travel insurance to help protect against the unexpected. But what does travel insurance offer to cruise passengers? How do you choose the right cover?

Cover-More offers comprehensive travel insurance policies for all sorts of holiday styles including cruises.

Cover-More policies include cover for overseas medical and dental expenses incurred while attending the doctor on-board and other overseas medical expenses. Even when cruising in Australia the doctor on board the cruise ship is not covered by most private health insurance or Medicare.

Cover includes additional expenses if the unexpected happens on your holiday including if you have to return home for reasons such as your own health or the health of a relative living in Australia.

You can also select amendment or cancellation costs coverage to protect against the unexpected should it occur before your journey.

Our comprehensive policies include over 10 other benefits so please refer to our coverage pages for more information or the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see if the policy meets your needs.

Choosing insurance for a cruise is easy. Simply start a quote in our quote box by selecting the area you will be travelling to, entering your travel dates, and your age(s).

A couple of quick things to remember when selecting the area:

  • If you are cruising along the coast of Australia and want cover for medical expenses on-board your cruise, then you will need to select the Area ‘Indonesia, NZ and SW Pacific’ so that you have Overseas Medical and Dental and $Unlimited Additional Expenses benefits
  • Antarctic cruising is insured on a Worldwide policy
  • If you are crossing multiple areas then select the area you will be in or near for the majority of your time. If you are spending more than 20% of your time in or near the Americas or Africa then you will be insured on a Worldwide policy.

If you have any questions about Cover-More travel insurance or would like a quote over the phone please call our Travel Insurance Consultants in the Customer Service department on 1300 728 822.