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A holiday should be about having a good time and doing new and exciting things, which means you shouldn't feel guilty about eating more than you might when you're at home. However, you don't want to come back from your holiday with too many extra kilograms, so here are some tips on how you can stay healthy while travelling and still enjoy yourself.

Pick and choose

When you're on your getaway, you might feel like there are opportunities to try new and decadent foods at every turn. Though this may be true, if you take up every chance you get to eat a fancy meal you'll end up feeling quite bloated by the end of your trip.

Plan your holiday diet: Set yourself a limit as to how many indulgences you can have every day. For example, perhaps you and your travel companions can agree that one or two meals out a day is enough - the third can be cooked at your rental, or you can choose to have a few light, healthy snacks to supplement your holiday diet.

Get active while having fun

If you're on a beach getaway, you'll probably want to spend some time lounging in the sand, reading a good book and sipping on a cocktail. This is perfectly fine behaviour, but in order to give your trip some balance, it's important that you try to get moving for at least an hour or so every day.

This doesn't mean you have to hole up in the gym at your hotel. Taking a long walk on the beach, doing some thrilling rock climbing or even taking a walking tour of the shops in the city you're visiting can help you keep your diet on holiday by working off some of the extra calories you might take in on your trip.

Of course, part of staying healthy while travelling is making sure you can get overseas medical attention if necessary. Travel health insurance for your next trip is a smart move.

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