Tourist Information Center Sign

We want you to enjoy your holiday wherever you are, but incase you run into any trouble, we are here to help. Below are some details that can help you reach us quickly.

First thing to do is to read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and if you’re wanting to put in a claim, it would be a good idea to read our claims section to know what you need to prepare before you submit your claim in order to process the claim as quickly as possible.

If you require emergency help or assistance, below are the numbers you can call us on.

USA: 1800 937 9763
Canada: 1800 645 8714
UK: 0800 892 014
New Zealand: 0800 445 524
Other Countries: +612 8907 5619

Here some interesting stats from our emergency assistance team about the International Assistance Group which we are members of: 

  • Supports over 115 million travellers abroad per year,
  • Manages 1 million medical cases per year,
  • Manages nearly 33,000 repatriations each year, and
  • Employs 9,700 staff including doctors, nurses and case managers.

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