We’ve taught you how to deal with culture shock in a new culture, but what happens when the roles flip? Reverse culture shock can be just as challenging to overcome as traditional culture shock – except you can’t just pick up and leave if you don’t like it. If you find yourself shocked by coming home, try these tips for coming with reverse culture shock.

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Be patient

Whether you have been gone one week or one year, coming home always takes a bit of adjusting. If you can’t fall back into your old routine immediately, give it some time. Sometimes we all need a vacation from our vacation. Take a day or two to decompress and relax. Try to avoid social engagements in the first few days of coming home. This will give you time to unpack and settle in before regaling friends with your travel tales.

Organize early on

It is important to get all of your post-travel affairs in order shortly after arriving home. Do your laundry, buy your groceries, take care of any outstanding travel insurance claims you need to settle, and collect your mail as soon as you come home. It gets exponentially harder to accomplish these tasks the longer you wait.

Stay active

Adjusting from an on-the-move travel lifestyle to a more sedentary at-home lifestyle is very difficult for most avid travellers. Adopt your travelling mindset and apply it to your home city. There is probably more to do than you give it credit for. Become a tourist in your own city and enjoy what is right in your garden. Plan day trips on the weekends and befriend people who make you feel alive. Do not give up the travelling mindset or your love of travel, but do embrace the here and now.

Push forward

It can be easy to dwell on your past trips – Instagram and Facebook make reliving your experiences easier than ever – but resist the urge. Give those photos some time before you begin obsessing over them.

Know your travel plan

Avid travellers know that planning a trip can be just the cure for the post-holiday blues. If you come home and find yourself itching for a new getaway, put your nose to the grindstone and start figuring out how to make this happen. Even if you are not budgeted for another trip for years, you can start deciding where to go now. (Our travel guide is a great travel-planning resource for any travel-lover.)

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