Photo of fruit & veg at the markets


It’s easy to ditch the diet when you take off on travel—business or pleasure—and are more focused on what you’ll be doing than what you’ll be consuming. But there are few tips to keep in mind the next time you find yourself reaching for fried foods and would prefer to make a healthier choice.

Pack It In Advance

The easiest way to make sure you will have healthy foods on hand is to bring them with you. Not only will you know it’s healthy, but you’ll also save money and are guaranteed to enjoy what you bring. When packing the food, be sure to include plenty of protein and nutrient-dense foods that won’t leak or get smashed in your carry-on bag, such as protein bars, nuts, or firmer fruits like apples.

Buy It on Your Way

You won’t always be able to pack healthy snacks in advance of your flight, so, know what to look for in airports and other terminals that will fill you up, taste good and not completely throw off your diet.

Call Ahead

Once your travel is booked and you know if your flight will serve meals, call ahead of time to see if they offer health-conscious options. Most airlines will help out and offer meals that are low-fat, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more! Or, if you’d prefer not to call, refer to tip #1 and pack your own meal for the flight.

Stay Mindful

The last thing anyone wants to experience while travelling is an upset stomach, indigestion or low energy. Choosing to feast on unhealthy foods may seem like the quicker option, but in the long run it won’t make travelling any fun if you are stuck in your hotel room dealing with the consequences of the greasy food you chose for lunch.

Stay Hydrated

One of the best ways to stay healthy while travelling is to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout your trip. If you can, always pick water over other beverages while in transit. Do your best to avoid sugary drinks like cola or lemonade and replace with milk or juices if water isn’t a viable option. Dehydration can lead to serious headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue and lower levels of concentration. Water is the key to keeping you on schedule and on your way.

Eat Breakfast

If your hotel offers a complimentary breakfast buffet that’s loaded with quick and easy—and high-fat—options, reach past the muffins and pastries. Instead explore the whole bar and look for the fruit, yogurt and grains, such as oatmeal or muesli. A breakfast of those three things will give you plenty of protein and complex carbs without all the sugar and fat. If eggs are available go for it—eggs will boost your protein levels and help you feel full, longer.

Travelling is hard, especially with a schedule chock-full of activities. Instead of taking the easy way out and reaching for the unhealthy food available at every corner, take an extra minute to think through your options and go for the healthy food. You’ll be more energetic and you’ll thank yourself once you are back from the vacation with the same waistline! Be sure to protect your trip and your health with travel health insurance from Cover-More Australia Travel Insurance.

Image courtesy of Flickr user psychedup2009.