Young man asleep on a plane


Depending on your travel time, plane travel can be an exhausting and at times, the least favourite part of your holiday. So for long haul flights, here are a few tips to help you get a good night’s rest, ready to hit the ground running when you land.

Get your own pillow

The easiest way to adjust to sleeping on the plan is finding yourself a good pillow to rest your head. The traditional ‘donut’ shaped pillows you find in the airport shops work, but an interesting pillow that Keith Jenkins talked about on his blog, Velvetescape was a J-pillow, which he swears by whenever he travels. Or, just bring your favourite small pillow from home.

Choosing your seat

Most major airlines now allow you to choose your seat, some at a cost, but if an extra few dollars means you get a good nights rest, why not?

Choosing exit row seats does give you some more leg room, but in some cases, the seats do not recline, meaning you’ll be sleeping in an awkward position all night

Avoid caffeine

Stick to the water and juice when you’re flying and avoid the caffeine, especially on daytime flights.

Other quick advices are:

  • Recline your seat – but be aware of the passenger behind you
  • Notify the airline attendant that you do not wish to be disturbed
  • Use your nightshades
  • Find a window seat to avoid disruption from people walking by the aisles

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