Here are six tips to improve your photography and bring the best out of your holiday experience.

  • Framing – use a tree or an object in shot to 'frame' your picture when possible
  • Change orientation – a portrait shot can work well at times, especially alley ways, narrow streets or around tall buildings
  • Panorama - Try a Panorama shot occasionally
  • Zoom - Zooming in closer than usual using an optical lens can greatly enhance photos in certain situations
  • Include people in your shot – Not every monument or landmark looks ok by itself. You don't want one random with a camera in front of you, but keep an eye out for a natural candid shots where others are enjoying day also
  • Practice makes perfect – if using a digital camera especially, take as many photos as you can. Then pick the best ones to improve online and print when home

If you want some more tips, check out the video below by DSLR Traveler where they show you 10 tips for travel photography. The video covers basic equipment, to holding your shot (especially if you're shooting video) and varying your shots.

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Source: Amateur Traveler

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