It’s always recommended that you exercise a certain degree of caution when travelling to a new country for the first time. But then there are some laws that you’re probably not going to be prepared for at all! We’ve compiled just 10 of those laws and bans from across the world.

10 things you didn't know were banned or illegal around the world

  1. Saudi Arabia - it is illegal for women to drive a car
  2. Thailand - it is illegal to step on money
  3. Singapore - Chewing-gum and spitting is illegal
  4. Britain - “no person shall import into England potatoes which he/she knows to be, or has reasonable cause to suspect to be, Polish potatoes”
  5. Britain - it is illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances
  6. Kenya - it is against the law to swear in public
  7. France - there is a ban on kissing on train platforms
  8. Netherlands - you’ll receive a fine if you urinate in a canal, unless you’re pregnant (of course)
  9. Greece - stiletto heels are banned when visiting Greek monuments
  10. Fiji - topless sunbathing is illegal

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We recommend checking out the relevant safety and location law information on Smart Traveller for the areas you’re travelling to before you leave. Make sure you know the local laws. Unfortunately your Travel Insurance can’t cover any illegal activity.

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