Two people on a motorcycle at sunset


Nothing feels more like freedom on a holiday than renting a motorcycle and hitting the open road. You'll enjoy your next ride even more if you ride safely with these tips.

Tips for motorcycle safety

Especially important for first time riders, taking a few simple precautions will reduce your chance of a bike mishap. After all, you want to bring home memories, not bumps and bruises!

  1. Know the rules of the road. Motorcycle rider laws vary by country and in the U.S., even by state. This includes requirements for licensure which may include taking motorcycle safety courses. Before you leave on your trip, whether at home or abroad, familiarise yourself with the local laws. If you don't ride with a valid license and you make a travel insurance claim, you risk your claim being rejected.
  2. Take it easy. If you're a new rider, keep your speeds lower and avoid complicated riding situations like very curvy roads or lots of rapid traffic. Just as in an auto, keep a reasonable amount of distance between your bike and the vehicle in front of you.
  3. Pay attention. Don't get distracted. Watch the road and keep both hands on the bike. No iPod headphones, please. Look twice and never assume another car or motorcycle can see you.
  4. Ride sober. Just as you shouldn't drink and drive a car, don't drink and operate a motorcycle. Impairment from alcohol or drugs will interfere with your ability to pay attention (tip #4). And it's illegal, too. (Not to mention it's another reason your motorcycle travel insurance claim can be denied; most policy exclusions include situations in which the policyholder was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.)
  5. Protect your body. Cover up exposed areas; should you have a spill, you want to minimise the contact between your skin and the road surface. (This is why bikers frequently wear leather.) This goes for your feet, too. Sturdy shoes are much more suitable than sandals or even flip flops. Most importantly, wear a helmet! Helmets save lives—and are often legally required; see tip #1. Not only that, most travel insurance motorcycle cover is only valid if you're wearing a helmet. Make sure a helmet is part of your rental package.

Even more motorbike safety information is available online from sources like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (USA). And here's a first-person glimpse of motorcycle culture in Malaysia from an experienced American rider.

Ride safely and get even more protection with Travel insurance that includes motorcycle cover. Cover-More offers cover for motorcycle and scooter riding as an extra to the standard policy.

Please remember to read the Product Disclosure Statement (link to PDS) before purchasing Travel insurance to understand the benefits and limitations, not all motorcycle activity and motorbikes are covered.

If you wish to be covered for riding a motorcycle (including a moped) as the driver or pillion passenger during your journey, you must pay an extra premium. Even if you pay the extra premium you will only be covered if:

  • the engine capacity is 200cc or less;
  • you are wearing a helmet;
  • you are not participating in a professional capacity;
  • you are not racing; and
  • whilst in control of a motorcycle, you hold a licence valid in the relevant country, and a valid Australian motorcycle or Australian motor vehicle drivers licence; and
  • as a pillion passenger, the driver holds a licence valid in the relevant country.

For more information please read our product disclosure statement (PDS) or get a quote today from Cover-More and find out how affordable it can be to add cover for your motorcycle or scooter rental.

Stay safe; ride smart.

This is general advice only. Before you buy any insurance you should ensure it meets your financial situation, objectives and needs.