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Earlier this week, we posted an article on tips on making your money last longer. This next article will give you some specific tips in planning your Round-the-World (RTW) trip.

Wild Junket, one of the leading blogging websites around has compiled a checklist of nine things to do to plan your memorable RTW adventure.

9 Things to Do Before You Begin Your Round-The-World Trip

  1. Decide when it is the right time to leave and how to do it in professional manner – Last thing you want to do is leave abruptly and burn your bridges.
  2. Decide what your budget is and your must-do's – Research and prioritise where you want to go and how much it will all cost.
  3. Declutter and down-size – Get rid of what you don't need and keep only what is essential.
  4. Research your itinerary and visa well before you leave – it's amazing how long some visas may take. Leaving it to the last minute can ruin your trip.
  5. Medical information and vaccinations – if you're travelling through the dense, thick jungle, or riding through the Sahara, make sure you get your pre-medical checkup beforehand and ensure all vaccinations are up to date.
  6. Buying your RTW ticket and travel insurance – Check your travel agents and do your research on your RTW packages, direction of travel and times of year that you are likely to be in certain countries. You should certainly consider getting travel insurance for your entire journey. Make sure you read the policy wording and know what your policy does and doesn't cover.
  7. Get your currencies sorted and ensure you have a small amount of each major currency you may need. Ensure you have a pin organised for your ATM card that you can use overseas.
  8. Make sure your life at home is taken care of i.e. bills, pets, home etc
  9. Learn a new language and absorb the cultural differences that travel can provide.


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Image courtesy of Flickr user Tekniska museet; cropped from original.