On holidays, you make a lot of special memories, many of which are captured through videos and photographs.

Of course, you want to make sure these mementos of your getaway are safe and sound, and you might even want to share them with your loved ones.

Here are some ideas on what you can do with your treasured memories.

The traditional method: Print

Nothing beats a traditional photo album. Print off your photos and organise them into a creative scrapbook, but always remember to keep an extra digital copy too, just in case.

It's also wise to keep a note of the memory that goes along with the photo, because sometimes, years down the track, you might struggle to recall exactly why that giant rock was important or who is standing next to you.

Physical photo albums are great to pull out at family events, especially in the future when everyone can giggle at their former selves.

Make sure you get an extra DVD or memory stick of any video content you have, too.

Online photo sharing

These days, a number of apps and sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube make it extremely easy to not only store your photographs and videos online, but share them with your loved ones.

They can also come with a number of handy photo-enhancing features, like flattering filters and the ability to correct red eyes.

It's always good to have a digital backup of any photos you take, just in case you lose your camera or are an unfortunate victim of theft. Uploading your photos to a website as you take them means you never have to worry about losing out on these precious memories.

Best of all, you can alter your privacy settings to have control over who sees the images. If you're uploading them while you travel you can even make it so only you can see them until you're ready to share them.

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