As Valentine's Day nears, it's easier and easier to imagine taking a long holiday with your love on a romantic getaway. Every city has something they consider to be romantic and intimate but there are some places that trump others in their dedication to love and its whimsy.

The 10 places listed below have gone above and beyond in providing places and spaces for couples to show their affection for one another. Next time you depart on a romantic getaway, consider one of these destinations from around the world.


Paris is the traditional choice for romance and the "City of Love" never disappoints. Visit the Eiffel Tower at night to watch its spectacular light show and snuggle on the park benches. Add your personal love lock to the many who've come before, on the bridge Pont de l'Archevêché near Notre Dame. Or avoid the hordes of tourists around the Eiffel Tower and head to Montmartre. Set on a hill in Northern Paris, it's the perfect spot to take your significant other and take in stunning views of the city, wander through the neighbourhood's narrow streets and choose from any number of an intimate cafés lining Montmartre's streets to share lunch.

Istanbul, Turkey

Opt for the exotic and take your companion to Istanbul. Surround yourselves with the mosaic of tastes, sounds and smells that will surely sweep you away. Take a walk along Akinti Burnu that runs beside the Bosphorus Straight, the waterway that separates Europe and Asia and see local fisherman's catch of the day or admire the Asiatic shoreline that is overflowing with picturesque wooden houses and elaborate palaces. If walking along the water isn't enough for you, choose a Bosphorus Night Cruise, and hop on a vessel to experience the romantic city through its waterways. You'll travel through the Old City into the new, glide beneath towering bridges and catch glimpses of palaces, castles and decadent Ottoman villas with your beloved.

New Orleans, Louisiana

They say there is something about New Orleans that lends itself to romance. Between the balmy nights, slow pace and jazz there is definitely something in the air for this old southern city. Take your loved one an adventure under the soft glow of French Quarter streetlamps or watch the city drift by from the deck of a riverboat, or take a walk in Woldenberg Park as the sun sets. New Orleans is the perfect place to rekindle the old flame, celebrate and anniversary or spark up something new.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a true city for romance. From tango to fine cuisine and from luxury accommodations to pampering spas, there is something for every couple to enjoy in Buenos Aires and even more for honeymooners. The Argentine capital has a lively, cosmopolitan feel to it with its strong European influences, designer shopping and stylish cafes and dining options. Grab your beau and visit the colourful houses of La Boca and then experience atTango show at night. Then visit the Rosedal, where blooming roses, pedal boats and an Andalusian patio beckon. The Rose Garden exudes a Zen-like charm similar to Paris' Tuileries and is the perfect place to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Santorini, Greece

The island of Santorini in Greece is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in the world. This little destination spot deserves all the superlatives for romance. Santorini almost seems like a place out of fairy tales, where soothing sunsets, welcoming waters and quaint white-washed homes with bright blue tops summon you in. It is the perfect spot for romance where you can hike a historic volcano, walk its unforgettable city streets and unwind in Oia for an ethereal sunset on the edge of the island. Revel in the sheer beauty and uniqueness of Santorini.

Succumb to the sweet idea of a romantic getaway and pick your perfect destination today. Before you leave, be sure to protect your vacation with an international travel insurance plan from Cover-More Australia.

Image courtesy of FLickr user Joe deSousa.