If you are planning to rent a caravan to holiday around Australia, take a look at our comprehensive guide for renting caravans and campervans. Studies show that camping makes you happy. From chooing the right vehicle to practical tips for sharing close quarters, turn to Cover-More for top tips on taking a caravanning holiday.

Rent smart

It is important to choose the right vehicle for your trip. From campervans to motorhomes to tent trailers, picking the right vehicle is essential to a positive travel experience.


These homes-away-from-home offer all the amenities of a small apartment while on the go. If you are looking to shower and use the toilet in the comfort of your own vehicle, be prepared to get a little dirty, though. Motorhome plumbing requires a bit of maintenance work while travelling. Extra space is ideal for families, but if you are taking a long trip, know that these vehicles are hard to take into towns and park.


These vehicles can range in size and are often hooked to the back of a car, which gives you the ability to unhook and roam separately from your belongings. You cannot be in these trailers while driving (remember Lucile Ball in The Long, Long Trailer?), though, so only rent if you are comfortable riding in your car for hours on end.


Often considered the best of both worlds campervans offer additional space that is accessible while driving and are small enough to park easily. Campervans are best suited for small groups. Many families use a tent to supplement the space available in campervans.

Check it off

Use a pre-departure checklist before leaving home. When travelling by car, be sure to have these items:

  • Personal identification
  • Auto insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Full tank of petrol
  • Working flashlight
  • Working car jack and spare tire
  • First aid kit

Get along

Driving in close quarters for extended periods of time can put tensions on high. No matter who you are travelling with, devise a plan before you leave to keep the mood light and the trip fun. Remember to keep things fair and balanced. Whether it’s splitting up driving time or deciding who pays for petrol, have a conversation ahead of time so nobody feels slighted in the end. If you have a type-A personality in your group, go ahead and let them make a schedule for the group, but talk through it before departing to determine if the timetable is realistic and all the monuments you wish to see are included.

Have any tense conversations regarding finances or scheduling at least a week prior to departing, if possible. This will give all members of your party time to adjust and relax.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Beverley Goodwin; cropped from original