If you have an elderly loved one who is fond of travelling, taking them on a holiday is a fantastic way to spend time together while taking in some incredible sights.

However, older adults have special needs that must be addressed during every stage of your getaway, from the planning process to returning home.

Seniors Travel: Choosing a destination

When selecting a destination, there are several factors you must consider. First, ask your loved one if there are any hot spots on his or her bucket list that have yet to be visited. If so, prioritise these.

Seniors will likely enjoy more relaxing, slow-paced holidays rather than those in bustling cities or expeditions along rigorous hiking trails.

That being said, not all older adults want to take it easy on holiday, so if you have an adventurous senior in your life, consider booking a safe but exciting activity like a safari.

Planning for health and safety

Health and safety should always be top of mind when travelling, but if you have an older adult as a companion on your holiday, then you'll need to do a bit of extra preparation.

First, make sure you've found travel insurance for seniors that will allow you to address any illnesses or injuries your loved one may suffer while on holiday. Though such a scenario is unlikely, it's always best to be prepared. (Cover-More plans cover senior adults up to 84 years of age and include a variety of existing medical conditions.)

If your family member takes medications, be sure to bring extra doses in case you lose some or end up extending your holiday for a few days. However, be sure to check with a travel agent or the embassy of the country you are visiting to ask about bringing medications into another country.

Day to day

While travelling, aim to visit big attractions earlier in the day, as you'll be less likely to encounter long queues and big crowds.

If you plan to be out for a long period of time, bring plenty of bottled water and snacks to keep you and your loved one satiated during your sightseeing.

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