Dan Moore


Are you thinking about booking a cruise for your next holiday? Whether it's your first time on such a getaway or you're a certified "cruiser", you should put careful thought into the boat and expedition you choose.

Here are a few questions to consider:

Where do you want to go?

When you picture yourself on a cruise, do you envision yourself swimming in crystal blue waters and lounging on white-sand beaches, or do you see yourself snapping photos of glaciers and looming, snowy mountains?

There are cruises that go just about anywhere you can imagine, so thinking about where you want to head out will help you narrow your options.

How much planning do you want to do?

The next thing you should consider is whether you want to do lots of planning and exploring on your own, or if you'd rather have the trip organised by cruise professionals.

Some cruises will offer you a variety of options to choose from at the various ports - anything from a relaxing day on the beach to an adventurous exploration of caves.

Other cruises will simply bring you to a port and allow you to disembark and visit a city or town on your own.

What atmosphere do you want on your boat?

While you may be most excited about the hotspots you'll get to visit on your cruise, bear in mind that you'll be spending at least one or two days out at sea. This means you'll need to be happy with the atmosphere on the boat itself.

First, consider themes. For example, if you want to find romance on your holiday? Perhaps a singles cruise is the best fit. If you're travelling with a group of friends, maybe a boat with a party atmosphere would be more suitable.

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