Regardless of where you and your future spouse exchange nuptials, there is one destination that you will both be thinking about—the honeymoon trip! Romance surrounds you at these top honeymoon destinations where you will mingle with other guests, enjoy private time with your new partner and try a ton of fun new experiences during your time away from it all. This is the perfect opportunity to take off on a whirlwind holiday to places near and far. Start your happily-ever-after with one of these memorable, relaxing and romantic destinations.


If honeymoons are meant to be a celebration of love in an intimate, secluded and beautiful setting, then the Maldives are the world’s best backdrop for all of this. There are endless ways to experience the magic of the islands and have them dazzle you. From a five-star dinner under the stars, to a quick jaunt to a neighbouring island, to a lazy day in a private bungalow as you experience some of the world’s highest rated spa treatments. The islands never lack in entertainment or things to do, and are the perfect setting to celebrate and memorialize the day and the first moments of your married lives together.

Turks & Caicos

The Turks & Caicos are known around the world for their leisurely way of life, and awe-inducing scenery. The bluest water you’ll ever see surrounds the Turk & Caicos Islands where you can dip below the waves and watch the underwater wildlife. There are luxurious retreats that pepper the island and offer convenient and decadent services which makes it an obvious choice for honeymooners. Take advantage of the relatively uncrowded beaches and stunning sunsets with your significant other and enjoy the privacy and solitude—it’s hard to come by in other popular honeymoon spots.


Located along the coast of Spain has endless opportunities for an adventurous honeymooners, who want to immerse themselves in romantic, brazen and passionate environs. You’ll be able to avoid most tourist-traps and get a great feeling for this part of Spain, with fragrant orange blossoms perfuming the air, flamenco dancing, and a rustic and real city centre that lacks resorts but overflows with personality. Instead of focusing on the coast, as you may be want to do, instead turn in-land and see all it has to offer. Rent a car and take a daytrip to Cadiz, Malaga, Ronda, Seville, and Cordoba…there a number of smaller cities that are ripe for adventure. Choose Andalucía for your honeymoon and be treated to the magic and inspiration of this small sea-side city.

The Seychelles

A perennial favourite of honeymooners, the Seychelles offers romance like nowhere else in the world. With a number of islands offering high-class accommodations you will be hard pressed to find a place here that won’t be enticing. Romance, relaxation and postcard-perfect landscapes wait for you in the Seychelles, where you can unwind, and bask in the secluded spaces. Palatial resorts beckon, silky-soft beaches glisten in the sun, and idyllic palm trees all aim to please. The variety in lodging, activities and places to visit ensure that every couple will find the resort that meets their needs during their honeymoon in the Seychelles.


Marrakech is the cultural capital of Morocco and the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. The name of the city sounds exotic and as you tread on the city streets, the smell of leather and perfume intertwine, creating an out-of-this-world experience. Your senses will delight in the spirit and enchanting culture of the city where labyrinthine streets collide in city centres that burst with life. Beyond the apparent beauty and romance of Marrakech, dig deeper into the city life to spot the smaller beauty that can be found in their vibrant and fabulous way of life. Style, romance, decadence and affordability combine to create the ultimate honeymoon destination in Marrakech.

Don’t limit the fun to just your honeymoon. Visit all of these amazing places for anniversaries, birthday or just because. Before you leave, be sure to purchase an international travel insurance plan from Cover-More Australia. Cover-More’s expert team will be available to you 24/7 to sort out any problems that may arise. That way, you can focus on celebrating your wedding and the start of your lives together instead of worrying about the unexpected.

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