Choose the stately way to travel where you get a front-row seat to the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Relax as the train glides through forests, deserts and more, bringing you ever closer to your destination in the most stylish, relaxing and purely enjoyable mode of transportation available. Instead of passing over countries with only a view of the clouds, trains afford passengers a more vivid and involved experience than they would get on an aircraft.

But not all train routes are created equal. The best offer up scenery to die for and a sense of authenticity you won't find anywhere else in the world. With low activity levels and high impact experiences, train travel is the perfect choice for pensioners or seniors who are looking for an involved and connected travel experience with extra accommodations and benefits.

This list details the top 5 train journeys from around the world. Book your tickets now to get a taste of these locations from the comfort and luxury of a train. After all, getting to your destination is half the fun!

Rocky Mountaineer – Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer offers over 45 unique Canadian vacation packages and five distinctive rail routes that are all rich in history and natural wonders as the train winds through British Columbia and Alberta. Catch a glimpse of wildlife as you travel through the wild beauty of Canada's West. Pressing your nose up to the huge bay windows on these world renowned, luxurious trains as they push through the majestic Canadian Rockies is the best way to see all of Canada in a special and dazzling light.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – India

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) first opened in 1881 and established a strong rail link across the mountainous terrain of great beauty in India with its innovative, bold and ingenious engineering solutions. The DHR meanders through the jungles and forests and twisty turns through the hills. With its universal appeal, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is the most outstanding example of a hill passenger railway.

Semmering Railway – Austria

The Semmering Bahn scenic train route in Austria runs between Glognitz and Semmering. It crosses over 16 viaducts and passes through 15 tunnels on a stretch of 5.5 km. The construction of the Semmering Railways opened up great areas of Austria's natural beauty to the public, making it easily accessible and affordable to visit. This promoted development for residential and recreational use, which in turn, created a cultural landscape unlike any other. Gaze upon shimmering glaciers, delve below the ground in the tunnels and navigate the difficult terrain and altitudes in the world's first true mountain railway.

Venice-Simplon Orient Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express (VSOE) is a private luxury train service from London to Venice and is famously known as the Orient Express, its historic namesake. Train cars that carried passengers in the golden age of travel, the 1920s, have been restored to their former glory, creating one of the finest luxury experiences the world has ever known. Relax in an opulent cabin while a steward attends to your every need, and watch the sights of cities and landscapes flash by your window. Settle into a slower pace of travel and see why "getting there" is just as important as "being there."

Bernina Express – Switzerland & Italy

Choose the Bernina Express for the most beautiful way to experience the Alps: Start high up among the glacier glitter of the mountains and travel deep down into the palm paradise of Italy. As you take off on this four-hour journey, you will cross 196 bridges, pass through 55 tunnels and go across the Bernina pass with the highest point of 2,253m in altitude. See the highest summit of the eastern Alps, the Piz Bernina, and continue on through varied and eye-catching landscape until you reach the end of your journey in Tirano, Italy.

Skip the cloud show and choose the old-fashioned approach to travelling. Jump on a train and see all the sights between Point A and Point B in luxury and comfort. Before you get aboard the train of your choosing for a relaxing and uncomplicated holiday, be sure to get a seniors travel insurance plan to protect you and your travel companions from any of the trouble that may come from unexpected hiccups in your plan.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Shearings