Travelling alone on your epic adventure doesn’t need to be scary; one travel blog posted an article recently and shared some quick tips about travelling to night clubs safely as a woman.

According to Travel Horizons in the US alone, 11% of all travellers are considered solo travelers, and this is expected to increase year by year.

Your Travel Gossip provides some quick common sense tips for young solo travellers:

  • If you’re going out by yourself, travel with a group of both men and women
  • Avoid drugs
  • Pay for a taxi both ways
  • Bring only the valuables you need
  • Dress appropriately for the region you are in
  • Reach out to locals to know what the neighborhood is like
  • Avoid getting intoxicated

If you want to get more information on useful websites and tools for a safe journey, head over to our Travel Tips page and consider taking travel insurance before you head out.

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