Valentine's Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, has become somewhat of a huge tradition world-wide - though some would say it's just a ploy for business to cash in. Whatever way you look at it, it's another day to spoil that someone special.


A study by Shopzilla says that 75% of people seem to just be "winging it" when it comes to giving Valentine's gifts while 49% said their biggest worry of the year was actually finding a gift. Dan Does fame to give away a full dozen long-stemmed beautiful red roses and a box of chockies!


People could nominate themselves, a lover or just someone special that deserved our Valentines gift via our Facebook page. We had so many deserved entries, we just wanted to give a rose to everyone! In the end our lucky winner was Angela, nominated by her sweet friend Fiona.

Dan drove to Angela's work and hand delivered the roses and chocolates right to her desk. Totally surprised and a touch embarrassed she accepted them with open arms.

Happy Valentines Angela, you deserved them and we hope it made your day.

Watch the Valentine's Day Video and see Angela surprised at her desk.