When you’re dreaming about your next family holiday, imagining where you’ll go or the activities you’ll do once you get there is part of the fun. Thinking about how to pay for it usually isn’t.But if you take just a little time to budget for travel, it’ll make it that much easier to turn your holiday daydreams into reality. Getting a few key costs down on paper (or in a spreadsheet) will show you what your travel options are—and they may be even greater than you realised!

Last week we looked at some awesome accessories for travel vlogging. In the second blog of a four-part series, Andrew looks into some of the coolest smartphone lenses out there to improve smartphone photography.

In this new four-part series, Andrew looks into some of the coolest smartphone travel accessories out there to improve smart phone image and video quality while you’re on the go.

Last week we looked at some photography apps for travel and smartphone photography. In the final blog of this four-part series, Andrew looks into cloud storage.Welcome to the final installment of this four-part series where we look at technology to assist your travel experience. For this final part, we’ll take a look at some of the various cloud storage options that are available to you.

It takes a lot of practice and education to become certified in SCUBA diving, but once you do, you will have access to some of the most unique and diverse landscapes in the world. Australia is known around the world for its famous Great Barrier Reef and it is traditionally one of the most popular diving destinations in the world.

By Dan Moore

The last thing you want to do as you plan your European adventure is worry about rail passes. It isn’t an especially exciting part of the trip, but it does have the potential to save you a serious amount of money if its services match your trip. Information online argues between the merits and problems of Eurail passes and you can find plenty of opinions on both sides of the question “Is it worth it?” Here’s a list of tips, tricks and information about Eurail passes to hopefully help you find your answer.

It’s not hard to admit—disconnecting from the day to day grind is difficult. We live in an age where devices, people and things are fighting for every second of our attention, and with email notifications and an onslaught of text messages arriving every couple minutes, it can be hard to put the devices down, get outside and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Perspective is everything, and if you visit any of the spots on this list, you are sure to get just that.

Choose the stately way to travel where you get a front-row seat to the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Relax as  the train glides through forests, deserts and more, bringing you ever closer to your destination in the most stylish, relaxing and purely enjoyable mode of transportation available. Instead of passing over countries with only a view of the clouds, trains afford passengers a more vivid and involved experience than they would get on an aircraft.

By Dan Moore

If you're not a patient babysitter at home, you won't magically like kids more when you don't understand what they are saying. If you don't like being dirty, then construction sites probably aren't your thing. If you like a lot of noise and activity versus sitting quietly for a long time, then working with kids is probably better a better choice for you than counting wildlife. Think about what you like (or don't dislike) and choose something that will build on that.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, one thing is certain: your workout routine will be thrown off. If you go to a gym, you may not have access to your normal equipment. If you run, you won't have a familiar path to take. If you usually eat well and sleep soundly, it will be harder to do so in a place with different food and a strange bed.