It's time to hack your life with travel hacks from Cover-More Travel Insurance. We've been around the globe and back again to bring you the smartest travel tips on packing. how to pack for travel to get a more in-depth look at the psychology behind travel packing.

Travel hacks from Cover-More Travel Insurance to make planning your trip a little easier. We’ve been around the globe and back again to bring you the smartest travel tips on travel planning.

It’s easy to ditch the diet when travelling. We have a few tips for the next time you find yourself reaching for fried foods and would prefer a healthier choice.

I've done a lot of traveling in my 33yrs walking the earth, sometimes for work others for pleasure. As smart phones get better, Internet more accessible and app's growing every minute I've noticed a trend beginning to grow amongst the backpacking community.

Depending on your travel time, plane travel can be an exhausting and at times, the least favourite part of your holiday. So for long haul flights, here are a few tips to help you get a good night’s rest, ready to hit the ground running when you land.


This week we hear from Sarah who has given us her top 10 tips for travel packing. Packing can potentially be the most annoying part of any holiday, but with a couple of simple tricks and some common sense advice it can easily become part of the fun.

Convincing your parents to fund that gap year won't be quite as difficult when you show them this list. The benefits of gap year are too many to count, but we've outlined the best below. Share, learn and travel, globe-trotters.

More than new bikinis or Instagram likes, travel is about growing as an individual, getting in touch with yourself, and broadening your perspective. Travelling makes you a better person because it teaches you many new lessons. Above all it teaches you to…

Sometimes travel isn’t an option, and sometimes neither is travel insurance. If you are planning a trip, it is just as important to know what travel insurance won’t cover as it is to know what it will.While every travel insurance provider and policy is different, there are a few general exclusions to look out for. Travel insurance probably won’t cover you if…

That moment the airport terminal screen updates with ‘CANCELLED’ is enough to make you cry. Before you shed a tear, take a look at our tips for surviving a flight cancellation.