It's bad enough to have an emergency at home—but when you're travelling abroad things can get a lot more complicated. We all want to believe our trip will go off without a hitch, but more often than not unexpected situations arise. Should you encounter any disaster scenarios on holiday (and remember, these may be different given your level of travel experience), follow these steps to avoid total catastrophe.

There’s no faster way to ruin your dream holiday than with a bout of food poisoning. Whether you have an ultra-sensitive tummy or a stomach of steel, food poisoning does not play favourites. Try to avoid these foods while travelling for a toilet-free trip abroad.

Global SIM cards, also known as travel SIM cards, are a low-cost way to stay connected while travelling. Read more about our Global SIM.

by Julie Jones

Julie, from the blog - Have Wheelchair Will Travel, shares her knowledge about travelling with a family member who has a wheelchair or disability. Read more.

Everyone dreams of going on vacation. For many it’s what their daydreams are made of as they work hour after hour at their desks. Imagining all the relaxation and lack of stress can get you through a hard work day. But, many times, once we actually get to go on vacation it ends up being more stressful than restful. Instead of taking a holiday to a beach where you plan every aspect, worry about the details and the cost, consider going on a retreat to a world-renowned wellness resort. There, you can actually relax and get healthy while you’re at it. From rustic lodges in the U.S. to exotic and lush dwellings in the South Pacific, there is a resort retreat with your name on it.

Here are six tips to improve your photography and bring the best out of your holiday experience.

By Dan Moore

Looking for plane tickets is a balancing act of figuring out what you need, what you want, and how you can compromise to get the best of all worlds. There are many pieces to the puzzle and considering all of them is important. Does the airline cater to your destination? Do they have adequate cover for luggage allowance? Is there in-flight entertainment? Are drinks and food served or available? Are the seats comfortable? And perhaps most importantly, are the tickets affordable?

A Kite is pretty cool, but a massive group of kites congregating around a particular area can be awesome!. Kites have been around for thousands of years starting off as technology used for military warfare and various reconnaissance missions in the BC era, through to modern day uses in scientific calculations and cultural celebrations.

A recent article written by NomadicMatt talked about travel goals and reviewing the bucket list you may have written 10 years ago. In his article, he notes that he finds bucket lists limiting and that a list of goals and accomplishments you may want to achieve in your 20’s will be vastly different in your 30’s and 40’s.

Nothing feels more like freedom on a holiday than renting a motorcycle and hitting the open road. You'll enjoy your next ride even more if you ride safely with these tips.