Tomas Zagoda

Travelling to exotic new places can be an amazing, cultural experience that shouldn’t end when you arrive back at your accommodation. Here are six very unique hotels where your stay will be as memorable as the destination.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra

If the idea of sleeping in a luxury tree house with it’s own resident giraffe sounds like your kind of unique getaway, then this hotel is the place for you. A few minutes drive from Australia’s capital city sits the privately owned National Zoo & Aquarium. Hidden within the zoo is Jamala Wildlife Lodge – a boutique, luxurious and truly unique wildlife experience.

giraffeEach room features it’s own unique African safari inspired design and resident animal. Guests have the option of sleeping in suites next to sharks, lemurs, cheetahs, bears, tigers and even a pair of lions. With only a floor to ceiling pane of reinforced glass between you and the animals, it’s truly breaks the norms of traditional zoos. The animals can see inside your room just as well as you can see them, making for some unique encounters.

The Buubble Hotel, Iceland

A little over an hours drive from Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, Buubble Hotel has been dubbed a "5 Million Star Hotel" due to the unrivaled night sky views.

An ordinary night here will have you counting stars, but when the weather is just right be prepared for a stunning Northern Lights spectacular from the comfort of your own fancy plastic igloo.

icelandIn winter, the snowy fields just beyond the clear plastic bubble walls are kept at bay with a smart heating system. A running joke for locals is that Greenland and Iceland should swap names, which is all the more obvious when you see the lush green forests surrounding the hotel rooms, ready for exploration, during the warmer months.
buubble hotel in iceland

H2O Hotel, Manila

Sleeping with the fishes does sound a little ominous, though at this Pilipino hotel it’s all part of the experience. This very unique hotel is tucked away inside Manila’s Ocean Park Aquarium.

Each room faces onto a large aquarium, full of colorful tropical fish. If you do decide to leave your room, the main ocean park attractions of seal shows and large aquariums of tropical fish are at your doorstep.

h2o manila

Birds Nest, South Korea

Nestled on a remote corner of Jeju Island, you can find your very own love nest. Jeju is a well-known honeymoon location in Korea and has some of the most unique and entertaining tourist attractions in the country. There is a pony themed cafe, venetian gondola rides through a small scale replica of Venice, and not one but two dinosaur theme parks. It’s little wonder then that a hotel like this exists.

Ato Pension’s uninspired name gives little away about how interesting the hotel actually is. Sitting in a remote part of the island, Ato Pension was recently constructed and resembles a giant pastel birds nest. You will need to climb ladders and spiral staircases inside the building to access each floor, and your nest themed bed is cocooned within the bubbles attached to the main building.

birds nest hotel in south korea

Satellite Island, Australia

Ever wished you could have your own private island? For most of us that luxury is reserved for the rich and famous, however for a taste of the high life you can now stay on privately owned Satellite Island in the south of Tasmania.

Over the course of your stay, you and your friends will sleep up in a luxury riverside shack. When you feel the need to stretch your legs, the private island is yours alone to enjoy by water or land with kayaks provided and short hiking trails available.

Satellite Island, Australia

Mirror Tree hotel, Sweden

In the far north of Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle sits one of the most stunning hotels on this list – the Mirrorcube. Designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter for Tree Hotels, the reflective glass cube is carefully suspended high in the treetops. The snug interior and large windows make the cube a perfect spot to look out over the surrounding landscape while the walk through the forest to reach this secluded space is an experience in itself.

Other interesting rooms located within this area include a UFO themed pod and another hotel room resembling a large birds nest. Tree Hotels are located near the small village of Harads and while the surrounding area may not have many tourist attractions, the intriguing hotels themselves are enough to attract most travellers to the area.

So next time you start planning an overseas or local adventure, make sure you see what unique and amazing hotels are nearby. You never know, they might end up being your favorite part of the entire trip!

Tomas Zagoda is an Australian based media producer, filmmaker, writer, coffee addict and tall person who does not play basketball. Follow him on Instagram @TomasZagoda to keep up with his latest adventures.

H2O, Tree Hotel, Buubble and Satellite Island images via the hotels. All other images via @TomasZagoda.

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