So you’re heading off on your first ever skiing or snowboarding adventure and have no idea what to pack? Never fear, we’re here to help you out! We’ve compiled a list of the things you absolutely must include in your suitcase to ensure you have the best possible snow trip. Whether you’re heading to the beautiful slopes in Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Canada or even Perisher or Thredbo right here in Oz, there are a few must-pack items we can’t let you forget.

Let’s talk toiletries

You might have a “I’ll just buy it when I’m there” view on toiletries, but when venturing to a chilly climate, your toiletries can make all the difference so it’s best to be prepared. If you’re up and down the slopes all day every day, your lips and skin are going to dry out and surprisingly enough you’re bound to get sunburnt because of the reflection off the snow. So here’s what you need to avoid a really uncomfortable experience: moisturiser, sunscreen and lip balm (with SPF preferably).

Fashion on the snow fields

Your skiing or snowboarding outfit really can make or break your snow experience. When it comes to planning the perfect combination of layers to ensure you’re warm but not damp, thermals are the key. Good quality thermals really are a must if you’re heading somewhere cold, but avoid cotton fabrics and opt for polyester instead. You’ll also need a ski jacket and pants, goggles, gloves, neck warmer, beanie, thermal socks and of course, water proof shoes.

Gear up

Now if this is your first-time skiing or snowboarding, chances are you won’t have your own gear. However, most ski resorts will give you the option to hire, which is ideal if you’re not sure you’ll be venturing out on the slopes again sometime soon. However, if you’re certain you’re going to be making a habit out of these snow activities, it could be worth investing in your own gear - especially if travelling domestically. However, it may not be the easiest task lugging your gear overseas.  You will potentially need to get additional luggage allowances in order to take your snowboard or ski gear with you, but it could be worth looking into if this is your new favourite hobby and you can’t wait to get back out on the slopes.

So there you have it, a few key items you need to stock in your suitcase for your first time enjoying the snow. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a few cute outfits for those lazy days in the ski lounge sipping on hot chocolates and relaxing.