Bali Belly: What it is and How to Avoid it


Bali belly or traveller's diarrhoea is a relatively common travel sickness, but the symptoms aren’t pleasant! Find out the best ways to avoid Bali belly and how to get rid of it with Cover-More's top tips.

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Come to paradise for surf, sun and celebration. No matter what your perfect Bali holiday entails, take a look at our suggested activities on the island.

Visiting Bali? Take your pick of the island’s three climates: hot, hot, or hot. All kidding aside, Bali is perfect for beach loungers, student partiers and senior cruisers alike – if you pick the right time to travel, that is. Follow our guide to the best.

More than new bikinis or Instagram likes, travel is about growing as an individual, getting in touch with yourself, and broadening your perspective. Travelling makes you a better person because it teaches you many new lessons. Above all it teaches you to…

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Going on an extended holiday to a disease-prone country? It's a good idea to schedule a check-up at least eight weeks before you depart. Infectious diseases abroad can be very serious. Every year, Australian travellers become ill and die while travelling overseas. Take extra precautions when visiting these countries that you'll need a polio vaccination to enter.

Note: many of these countries are not recommended travel destinations (and some may be excluded by certain travel insurance policies). But here at Cover-More, we understand that not travelling is not always an option. If you must travel to these countries, be prepared and take full precautions.

It's bad enough to have an emergency at home—but when you're travelling abroad things can get a lot more complicated. We all want to believe our trip will go off without a hitch, but more often than not unexpected situations arise. Should you encounter any disaster scenarios on holiday (and remember, these may be different given your level of travel experience), follow these steps to avoid total catastrophe.

There’s no faster way to ruin your dream holiday than with a bout of food poisoning. Whether you have an ultra-sensitive tummy or a stomach of steel, food poisoning does not play favourites. Try to avoid these foods while travelling for a toilet-free trip abroad.

Hiking on holiday is a great way to connect with a new environment and see exotic animals in their natural habitat. This peaceful commune with nature can be a life-changing experience, but what about trekking an active volcano? A trip to Bali’s Mt. Agung gives you just that opportunity. Use our guide to plan your Mt. Agung adventure in advance.