Bali Belly: What it is and How to Avoid it


Bali belly or traveller's diarrhoea is a relatively common travel sickness, but the symptoms aren’t pleasant! Find out the best ways to avoid Bali belly and how to get rid of it with Cover-More's top tips.

In a country with no shortage of history and culture, anyone that owns a camera-amateur or professional-will light up with excitement over the amount of memories and snapshots that will be made in England. Not only will you finish your holiday will hundreds of photographs but you’ll also leave with no fewer than a dozen new friends if the Brits have anything to say about it. Grab some fish and chips, a handful of memory cards, and the get ready to fall in love with England through your lens.

Here’s your guide to understanding the more unusual dishes you can find on most British menus, and why you should give them a try. After all, breaking stereotypes is one of the best parts of travel—you get to try things firsthand and come up with your own opinions.

England isn’t just old architecture and big clocks, in fact, the Brits know how to have a good time. Hosting many of the world’s top festivals and most unique festivals, attending a festival in the country should be at the top of your bucket list. Here are a few to try out:

Try describing England in one sentence—we dare you! This small country consistently escapes neat summary. It has an enjoyable mosaic of cultures, cities and landscapes, and regardless of how long your holiday in England lasts, your time will add up to significantly more than any stereotypical descriptions and expectations of the country.

Here are six tips to improve your photography and bring the best out of your holiday experience.

By Dan Moore

Looking for plane tickets is a balancing act of figuring out what you need, what you want, and how you can compromise to get the best of all worlds. There are many pieces to the puzzle and considering all of them is important. Does the airline cater to your destination? Do they have adequate cover for luggage allowance? Is there in-flight entertainment? Are drinks and food served or available? Are the seats comfortable? And perhaps most importantly, are the tickets affordable?

In general, it’s worth noting that Turkey is a safe country. There aren’t high levels of petty crime or aggressive attacks. In fact, most Turks are unbelievably honest and would go the extra mile to help you out rather than rip you off. However, in a city like Istanbul where over 12 million people live, there will always be a few with less-honourable intentions. More specifically, there are a few scams that are run in Turkey that can put unaware tourists at the mercy of these aggressors. Note that these scams usually happen in large cities like Istanbul and are more rare in small towns and villages. Read on for more information about the most common scams run in Turkey as well as suggestions on how to avoid them.

As you may have already figured out, Turkish is the official language of Turkey, where over 72 million people use the language daily. As the language developed over time, different influences came to change the language. Today you can find French, Arabic and even Persian words that have been modified and incorporated into the Turkish language. While these influences may give the impression that Turkish will be difficult to learn, the opposite is actually true. Since 1928, Turkish has used a slightly modified Latin alphabet for its spellings, making it easier for English speakers to pronounce the words phonetically (hotel in English is spelled “otel” in Turkish).

Istanbul is the city that figuratively has a foot in the east and the west: one part of the city sits in Europe and another part of its city in Asia. Where these two vastly different continents come together in Istanbul, you will find a veritable stew of different influences and cultural diversity.

Turkey knows how to get down and party. How do we know? We just reviewed all the holidays and festivals the country will be celebrating in 2015. Between religious festivities and nation-wide celebrations, the fun will be flowing year-round in Turkey. If you like to party, like to travel and are interested in visiting Turkey, read through our list to see if anything peaks your interest. Then, plan accordingly, and before you know it, you’ll be having a grand old time in Turkey. Before you book tickets around a festival, be sure to double check the dates with a local tourism office.