Bali Belly – What it is and how to avoid it


Bali belly or traveller's diarrhoea is a relatively common travel sickness, but the symptoms aren’t pleasant! Find out the best ways to avoid Bali belly and how to get rid of it with Cover-More's top tips.

As you may have already figured out, Turkish is the official language of Turkey, where over 72 million people use the language daily. As the language developed over time, different influences came to change the language. Today you can find French, Arabic and even Persian words that have been modified and incorporated into the Turkish language. While these influences may give the impression that Turkish will be difficult to learn, the opposite is actually true. Since 1928, Turkish has used a slightly modified Latin alphabet for its spellings, making it easier for English speakers to pronounce the words phonetically (hotel in English is spelled “otel” in Turkish).

Istanbul is the city that figuratively has a foot in the east and the west: one part of the city sits in Europe and another part of its city in Asia. Where these two vastly different continents come together in Istanbul, you will find a veritable stew of different influences and cultural diversity.

Turkey knows how to get down and party. How do we know? We just reviewed all the holidays and festivals the country will be celebrating in 2015. Between religious festivities and nation-wide celebrations, the fun will be flowing year-round in Turkey. If you like to party, like to travel and are interested in visiting Turkey, read through our list to see if anything peaks your interest. Then, plan accordingly, and before you know it, you’ll be having a grand old time in Turkey. Before you book tickets around a festival, be sure to double check the dates with a local tourism office.

If you are looking for diversity in one country, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a country that beats Turkey. The country is blessed with a mixed assemblage of people, natural landscapes, and cultures. There are vast open spaces, massive mountain ranges, fertile valleys and rugged coastline…and that’s just the landscape.

Forget about brownie sundaes, forget about éclairs and chocolate cake. The real desserts, the sinfully sweet and decadent treats, can be found in one place: Cambodia. In the country these desserts are called Khmer sweets, and they are a staple to any full Cambodian meal. Generally, Cambodian treats are egg-based dishes that are spiced up with a variety of flavours (vanilla and cinnamon are typical favourites).

Unlike other Southern Asian countries, Cambodia does not have a very developed transportation system. In fact, finding your way around the country is almost as difficult as trying to find a way into the country that doesn’t involve flying. For some travellers, this distance and relative mystery around how people get from one place to the other is a challenge they’re up for. Other travellers may not be as enthused to visit a place where there is no operational train service in the entire country.

Imagine place where the coastline is almost completely uninterrupted with one beautiful beach after another. This is exactly what you’ll find when you visit the Kompong Som province of Cambodia. Located right along the Gulf of Thailand, this area has always remained somewhat quiet compared to the rest of Cambodia but in recent years has seen an uptick in the number of visitors and locals who’ve decided to spend time in Kompong Som Province. 


It isn’t hard to see why visitors have fallen in love with its beauty, and as a result of the new attention, construction and tourism for the province have skyrocketed. Now, there are seaside resorts, upscale accommodations, superb dining options and more, which will contribute to a relaxing and enjoyable vacation for all who choose to visit.

Nothing feels more like freedom on a holiday than renting a motorcycle and hitting the open road. You'll enjoy your next ride even more if you ride safely with these tips.

Soothing sounds fill the room, warm breezes cross your shoulders, skilful hands massage your back, and you feel all the stress of the day and travelling melt away. Sound sinfully sweet? You’d be right. In Cambodia, pampering yourself is somewhat of an art form. There are a number of resorts that are determined to make sure that even if you come in to their establishments stressed out with tense shoulders, you leave blissfully happy without a negative thought or feeling in your body. And that doesn’t just mean spa treatments (though they are superb)—in Siem Reap you’ll have your choice of hip accommodations, world class dining and luxurious clubs. If you have the time or the means to be pampered (since vacation is all about treating yourself), head to Cambodia for unbelievably relaxing and calming experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

Every time Cambodia is brought up, it seems like Angkor Wat follows in the next sentence. It is perhaps the most famous of attractions in all of Cambodia, and the history surrounding it is enough to catch anyone’s attention and imagine. When the name of Angkor Wat is translated into English it comes to mean “Temple City” and that’s an accurate description. After all Angkor Wat is more than just one building that has become famous. Angkor Wat is a collection of buildings, temples, pagodas, and more that are all open for the public to explore. It’s no wonder Angkor Wat has become the focal point of Cambodia’s tourist industry.