The Hidden Gem of the Grand Canyon: Horseshoe Bend

Jess Valentine

After it being near the top of our USA bucket list for years, we finally got to experience how grand the Grand Canyon really is. After our visit many people asked us, “Which rim of the Grand Canyon is best?”

When you try to conjure up images of Japanese culture, few pictures will rank as highly as Traditional Japanese Sumo Wrestling. The age-old wrestling match between scantily clad, heavyweight men is not only an icon of Japanese culture envisioned by foreigners, but it is also Japan’s national sport and it rightfully deserves its important status.

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Did you know that sushi began as a quick street food in Tokyo? Back in the 18th Century when Tokyo was still called Edo, sushi was created as an optimal on-the-go meal. Since then sushi has taken off, and now there are as many poorly constructed sushi rolls as there are meticulously and traditionally prepared sushi rolls.

There are so many attractions in Tokyo, it can be hard to figure out which ones to visit, which to pass up and which aren’t worth the visit due to the hassle of dealing with the crowds. The main attractions like Kamakura, Mt. Takao, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Skytree and Yumenoshima are all great places to visit but should be saved for a weekday or for the “off season.” Instead, opt for attractions and sights that are off the beaten track for fun, fewer crowds and better experiences.

When travelling to a new city, especially one as large as Tokyo, one of the most stressful parts of visiting can be navigating the city and figuring out how to visit all of the places you plan to go. Luckily, Tokyo has an excellent train system that is rather easy to navigate. Most of the station names and information are in English, the ticket sales machines have an English option, and when all else fails, the lines are color-coded to assist confused tourists. Even though the system is relatively easy to use, there are a few tips you will want to follow to ensure a worry-free commute.

Step into a high-tech future with a keen appreciation of the old-world when you visit Japan's capital city. Tokyo's official metropolitan area is home to more than 12 million people and greater Tokyo has a population of 35 million. With so many people, Tokyo is a buzzing urban area with much to see and even more to experience.

What is the most important part of taking a holiday? Relaxing, preferably at a spa, where you can spend your time escaping from daily stressors. In Japan, you will find a seemingly different sort of spa to relax at. You’ll still be able to find traditional spas with mud masks and facials, but for a true idea of traditional Japanese spa options, be sure to try out Sento and Onsen spas and bathhouses to really tap into the Japanese culture.

From the familiar to the exotic, Japanese chefs have truly thought up some crazy concoctions. Take a gastronomically unique adventure when you indulge in these must-try Japanese favourites.

On holidays, you make a lot of special memories, many of which are captured through videos and photographs.Of course, you want to make sure these mementos of your getaway are safe and sound, and you might even want to share them with your loved ones.Here are some ideas on what you can do with your treasured memories.

When you think about Japan, hiking probably isn’t the first activity to come to mind. With so many cultural experiences in the big cities and iconic spots to see, it’s hard to make time for hiking. But trust us, it’s actually really great. In fact, it’s more than great – it is one of the hiking world’s best-kept secrets.