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Cover-More provides emergency assistance via air ambulance for Carol

Overseas medical: $51,484.97

Additional expenses: $11,400.39

Total claim: $62,885.36

When a boat ride in Cambodia ended in an air ambulance ride, Carol and Alan were glad they purchased cover from Cover-More.

Carol is a seasoned traveller, but for her husband Alan it was the first time abroad when they went for a two-week holiday to Thailand and Cambodia. On their fourth day of holiday, the couple took a day trip island hopping on a speed boat. They sat at the front of the boat enjoying the views and the sunshine, but after lunch the weather turned and the waves got bigger.

Despite the new weather conditions, the boat did not slow down. The passengers were instructed to stay seated, but as the boat continuously launched into the air and slammed back onto the water, Carol's back suddenly gave way. She had to lay down at the back of the boat trying not to move with her husband leaning over her to keep a stable position until they got back to the shore – which wasn't for another 90 minutes.

When the boat finally reached shore, an air ambulance was already waiting to provide emergency assistance. Carol could not stand at all and being a nurse, she knew something was seriously wrong. She was taken directly to a private hospital in Phuket, Thailand, where she learned she needed an operation.

Her husband, Alan, contacted Cover-More in Sydney and their medical team started communicating with the Phuket hospital straight away. They learnt that Carol had a burst fracture of her first lumbar vertebrae, which was a very serious injury and if not treated properly, Carol could become a paraplegic.

Cover-More insisted Carol be flown to Bangkok via air ambulance, as they feared the Phuket hospital lacked adequate facilities for this complicated neurosurgery. Cover-More representatives got in touch with their medical contact in Bangkok, an Australian doctor who works in a Cover-More-trusted hospital.

Alan was booked into a hotel five minutes from the Bangkok hospital to make things as easy as possible. Cover-More's medical team stayed in touch with both Carol and Alan on a daily basis, as well as the treating doctors in Bangkok.

After 12 days, they were both flown back to Australia for further treatment, accompanied by a medical escort in business class.

On the same day as Carol’s accident Cover-More looked after two other patients suffering from similar spinal injuries related to boat rides in high seas in the same area.


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