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Emergency surgery & altered travel plans in San Francisco

Total claims: $135,000

Dan was excited to embark on a four-month trip with two friends through the United States, Canada and Europe.

Just a few weeks into their trip, the trio arrived in San Francisco in the late afternoon. After booking into their hostel, they headed out to go sightseeing. When Dan stepped away from his friends to go to the bathroom, he was confronted by a group of men and was ‘king hit.’ His friends saw what was happening and interrupted the attack.

At the local hospital they discovered that Dan’s nose was fractured on both sides, and he also had a fractured eye socket and cheekbone. Doctors were concerned that he could lose sight in his right eye.

At the hospital he was asked repeatedly “Do you have insurance?” and Dan produced his Cover-More policy information.

Dan required extensive facial surgery. He had four plates inserted around his eye and reconstructive surgery on his nose. He remained in hospital for four days following the surgery and then in San Francisco for two weeks to recover. Dan’s surgeon advised him that he was not able to fly for two weeks following the surgery, so the group altered their travel plans to stay together and ensure Dan recovered.

Cover-More covered Dan’s hospital bills, which amounted to more than $135,000. We reimbursed Dan and his two friends for the extra accommodation they needed in San Francisco during Dan’s recovery, as well as for the flights they missed due to their altered travel plans.

“When I booked my flights, they suggested Cover-More for travel insurance. At first, I didn’t really think we’d need travel insurance,” Dan said. “It was a massive relief to have Cover-More supporting me. I have no idea what I would have done if I didn’t have Cover-More. I probably would have had to drop out of uni if I didn’t have (travel insurance with) Cover-More. If I ever travel again, I’ll definitely be booking with Cover-More.” Dan


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