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    You deserve a reward!

    You’ve tracked your workout, now track your savings! Cover-More is proud to offer up to 15% off your policy premium based on your fitness activity. Connect to your fitness device and claim your discount today!

    To get your discount, click on “Connect to your fitness device” above, select your account and login, and we’ll apply your discount when you get a quote.

    Connect today to save!

    We work with the following fitness trackers:

    • Strava

    • Polar Flow

    • Fitbit

    • Google Fit

    • Mapmyfitness

    • Under Armour Record

    • MapMyRun

    • Misfit

    • Moves

    • Garmin

    • MapMyRide

    • MapMyHike

    • MapMyWalk

    • TomTom Sports

    • Withings

    • Runkeeper