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Cover-More Travel Insurance covers Irene's broken leg during Europe visit

Overseas medical: $11,093.33

Amendment and cancellation costs: $391.20

Luggage and travel documents: $491.80

Cash in hospital: $1,100.00

Additional expenses: $20,683.99

Total claim: $33,760.32

When a family reunion in Europe ended with a broken leg, Irene and her family were relieved she purchased cover from Cover-More.

Irene was visiting her daughter in Poland, returning from a trip to the movies with her grandchildren, when she tripped on a raised drain and broke her leg.

"I had just taken 3 of my grandchildren to see a film after school and was walking home when I tripped on a raised drain on the corner of an intersection and my foot must have got caught in it. I ended up flat on my face and glasses on the ground, then I looked down and saw that my leg was at an angle," Irene recounted.

The distraught grandchildren rang Irene's daughter, who immediately rushed to the accident. There was a bit of commotion as the ambulance staff wouldn't allow Irene's daughter to travel with her, and the family was unsure which hospital she was going to.

Irene was taken to an orthopaedic hospital, suffering a complicated fracture. Irene's family contacted Cover-More, where they learned Irene's travel insurance for Europe would cover the entire cost. With the help of Cover-More, Irene received care from one of the top orthopaedic trauma surgeons in Poland, who performed a successful microsurgery on her leg.

Behind the scenes, Cover-More dealt with many different administrative issues – a medical staff who did not speak English, a hospital billing department that would not accept a letter of guarantee, and a lack of nurses to properly look after their Irene. Cover-More ended up hiring a private nurse to take care of Irene.

To return her back to Australia, Cover-More organised a nurse from the UK to accompany Irene, and transport her to and from the airports and to the hospital in Australia.

After her broken leg experience, Irene now appreciates how useful travel insurance can be. "Nobody should travel without travel insurance," Irene said. Irene has since made a full recovery from her accident.


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