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Bali Balcony Collapse

Travel insurance covers emergency Bali evacuation

Overseas medical: $50,696.63

Additional expenses: $686.00

Total claim: $51,382.63

William, Michelle's partner, called our Customer Care department whilst on holiday in Bali advising Michelle had just fallen from a balcony - a fall of approximately 3 meters directly onto concrete. He said that she was taking photos, and the railing must have been rotten and given way.

Our Medical Case Manager, a Registered Nurse immediately spoke to the doctor at the clinic where Michelle had been taken, and discovered that she had a fractured neck (C2 - C3), and had suspected internal bleeding. She was breathing erratically, and we established that they could not treat her adequately in that location.

Our Medical Case Manager arranged for Michelle to be transferred to a better equipped hospital in Denpasar to await emergency medical evacuation to the nearest major Australian facility. Her internal injuries and diagnosis meant that every second was vital.

Whilst Michelle was in the process of being transferred to Denpasar, our Registered Nurse spoke to the emergency physicians at Darwin Hospital to confirm that they could accept her admission. Our Case Managers were also simultaneously organising Michelle's urgent medical evacuation by Air Ambulance.

We confirmed that Darwin Hospital could treat her internal bleeding, and then if she needed neurosurgery she could be moved once she was stabilised. Our biggest concern was her internal bleeding; however we ensured her spinal fractures were being kept immobilised.

Our team of Case Managers contacted the air ambulance providers in the region to ascertain time frames and availability options for a full medical team to take her to Darwin. The Medical Team then contacted the doctor at the hospital in Denpassar and confirmed the latest results and her condition. We continued to monitor her progress every two hours whilst our case management team handled the logistics of getting Michelle to Darwin.

Our case managers continuously liaised with William providing support and assistance. Michelle was flown via air ambulance to Darwin where she was treated. She was monitored for internal bleeding, and as her fractures stabilised we organised for her upgraded flight home, where she continued to improve.

We covered the costs of the urgent evacuation as we considered her risk to critical, even though we had not been able to investigate the full circumstances of the accident.

“Just the airlift was about $33,000,” Michelle tells Shelley Craft. “And you just don’t have that kind of money sitting around.”


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