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How to make the right choices for your trip and budget when buying travel insurance

When you get a quote for Cover-More travel insurance, you’ll have several options along the way. It’s important that you understand each choice – as they impact what you spend on your policy and the benefits you choose. Combining all of these options allows you to tailor the cover to suit your needs.

Type of policy

Single trip or annual multi trip? Frequent travellers, may find that selecting a multi trip policy saves money by buying one time and covering your trips for the year. If you choose an Annual Multi Trip, then you can select the maximum duration of each trip from a number of options.

Choose Your excess

You can choose your level of excess to balance how much you pay for your travel insurance policy against how much you will be responsible for in case of a claim.

Cancellation cover

Cover-More international Travel Insurance policies allow you to select a level of cancellation cover for coverage of your pre-paid travel-related expenses. The amount you select is per policy (rather than per claim – unless you take an Annual Multi Trip Policy). Remember that the amount you choose does affect your premium.

Snow skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling

Winter sports cover is a separate add-on from other covered activities such as glacier walking. Racing, skiing or snowboarding off-piste or participating as a professional are not covered.

Increase luggage item limits

The Product Disclosure Statement contains the specific cover limits for items such as cameras and computers. If you are planning to travel with an item that you would like to cover for a higher amount, you can select that option here. You may be requested to post receipts for high value items to us before departure.

Motorcycle / moped riding

To be covered whilst travelling – whether as a driver or passenger on a moped or motorcycle – you’ll need to choose this additional cover. The cover is only in force if:

  • the engine capacity is 200 cc or less
  • you're not participating in a professional capacity
  • whilst in control of the vehicle, you hold a valid Australian motorcycle licence or Australian motor vehicle driver licence and a licence valid in the relevant country
  • whilst you are a pillion passenger the driver holds a licence valid in the relevant country
  • you're wearing a helmet
  • you're not racing

Existing medical condition cover

Cover-More offers travel insurance cover for many travellers with existing medical conditions. Even if your Existing Medical Condition falls outside the criteria under Conditions We Automatically Cover, we may still be able to cover you for an additional premium, subject to the outcome of a short online medical assessment.

Using all of these options together as you get a quote for travel insurance allows you to tailor your cover to your trip and your budget.

Cover-More Travel Insurance was reviewed on 21 May 2018 on Feefo and rated 4.4 stars