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What you need to know

Below you find a list of conditions referring to claims. For full policy conditions and benefits please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement.

  1. The loss or theft of luggage, personal effects, travel documents or money must be reported within 24 hours to the police and responsible Transport Provider (if lost or stolen whilst travelling with a transport provider), and a written report must be obtained at that time.
  2. If You are admitted to hospital or You anticipate Your medical expenses and Additional expenses are likely to exceed AUD$500 You must phone the emergency assistance number as soon as physically possible.
  3. You must take all reasonable steps to prevent or minimise a claim.
  4. You must not make any offer, promise of payment or admit any liability without Our written consent.
  5. You must advise Us of any claim or occurrence which may give rise to a claim as soon as possible and within 60 days of the return date shown on Your Certificate of Insurance by sending a completed claim form.
  6. You must at Your own expense, supply any documents in support of Your claim which We may request, such as original police reports, receipts, valuations and/or medical certificates and You must co-operate fully in the assessment or investigation of Your claim.
  7. Where You are a registered entity on a Plan D or Plan DA You may be entitled to an input tax credit for Your Amount Payable and/or for things covered by this policy. You must disclose these entitlements to Us if You make a claim under Your policy.
  8. If We agree to pay a claim under Your policy We will base any claim payment on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) inclusive costs (up to the relevant policy limit). However, We will reduce any claim payment by any input tax credit You are, or would be, entitled to for the repair or replacement of insured property or for other things covered by this policy.

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