Daniel James

Fiji is a fabulous holiday spot that is perfect of every kind of taveller! Whether you're thinking of taking the kids or are planning a romantic getaway with your partner, consider a trip to Fiji. Daniel James from 'Dan Flying Solo' explores the island and gives us a glimpse into some of the best things to get up to. 

Daniel captures the captivating beauty the resorts, beaches and nature Fiji has to offer. He visits the Cloud 9 bar, located in the middle of the sea surrounding by wildlife and mysterious coral. The bar is fully stocked with International top shelf drinks as well as the local favourites of Fiji Gold, Fiji Bitter and Fiji Rum Co!

He goes on to describe the culture of the islands and the amazing experience the locals offer. Dan shows the beauty of Bounty Island that boasts 48 acres of untouched tropical gardens, and surrounded by soft white beaches. The video highlights the city of Nadi, home to the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami, a Hindu temple and world famous sunsets.

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