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Benefits of Travel Insurance


Discover how our plan benefits can safeguard you and your travels

When it comes to protecting your trip, your travel insurance needs to cover you in more ways than one. Why? On the same trip you could lose your bag, sprain your ankle or miss a flight – and that’s just in the first 24 hours.

That’s why Cover-More travel insurance plans are packed with benefits to help ensure you travel with peace of mind. Yes, we have a range of benefits in place to protect you in situations you never expected to find yourself in while travelling.

From unforeseen medical emergencies overseas, to repatriation costs and lost luggage, your Cover-More plan can protect you from a variety of out-of-pocket expenses.

The benefits don’t end there. Some of our travel insurance plans can also cover cancellation costs, personal liability, rental car insurance excess, loss of income, and more!

Get to know our travel insurance benefits inside out, so you can get the most out of your policy. See our most popular Cover-More benefits below and get a free quote for travel insurance today!

Looking for something in particular? Skip ahead to find:

Popular travel insurance benefits

overseas medical expenses icon

Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses

Cover for unexpected medical and dental expenses overseas if you get sick or injured

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additional expenses rescue helicopter icon

Additional Expenses Cover

Benefit to protect you from unforeseen additional expenses incurred during your travels

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travel cancellation icon

Cancellation & Amendment Costs

Choose your level of protection in case you need to cancel or amend your trip because of a coverable reason

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luggage icon

Luggage & Documents Insurance

Cover if your travel documents or luggage is lost, stolen or damaged on holidays

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delayed luggage icon

Delayed Luggage Cover

Get a baggage allowance if all your luggage is delayed overseas for more than 24 hours on your journey

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money and wallet icon

Money Cover

Cover for money up to the benefit limit if it accidentally gets lost or stolen while on you or stolen from a locked safe or safety deposit box

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rental car insurance excess icon

Rental Car Insurance Excess

Cover when you are liable to pay the rental car insurance excess if your rental vehicle is damaged or stolen

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travel delay icon

Travel Delays Benefit

Benefit for additional accommodation expenses if your pre-booked transport is delayed for at least 6 hours

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resumption of journey icon

Resumption of Journey

Policy benefit to help you continue on with your trip after having to unexpectedly return home

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special events insurance icon

Special Events Insurance

Cover for additional expenses if you're delayed during transit and need to arrive on time for a special event

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hospital incidentals icon

Hospital Incidentals Cover

Benefit for incidental costs, such as phone calls and magazines, incurred during your hospital stay overseas

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hijacking icon

Hijacking Cover

Cover if your public transport is hijacked and you’re forcibly detained by the hijackers

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loss of income icon

Loss of Income Cover

Protect yourself from income loss if you suffer an injury whilst travelling and can't return to work

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disability icon

Cover for Disability

Cover for total loss of sight or use of a limb that occurs after you have an accident on your trip

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accidental death icon

Accidental Death Cover

Payment to your estate if you suffer an injury overseas resulting in your death

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personal liability icon

Personal Liability Cover

Protection if you're unintentionally legally liable to pay compensation for property damage, injury or death to someone else

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inbound australia medical expenses icon

Inbound Medical & Dental Cover

Unforeseen medical and dental expenses cover for non-residents visiting Australia

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The above section is a summary of the benefits available on some Cover-More policies. You should always read the Combined FSG/PDS as limits, sub-limits, conditions and exclusions apply to the cover.


Is travel insurance worth it?

While you never hope to need it, travel insurance can give you peace of mind when travelling both internationally and domestically. Your policy could end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars if the worst were to happen, which helps make your travel insurance worth it.

Cover-More customers Katie-Anne and Jacob racked up medical bills of $900,000 when they had a car accident in California. Luckily, their policy covered these expenses so they could focus on what mattered – recovering.

Could you afford to keep travelling without travel insurance if this happened to you?

Unforeseen illnesses, natural disasters and accidents can derail a well-planned holiday at any moment. It’s important to have a travel insurance policy that can protect you from the financial burden if something unfortunate happens.

Do I need travel insurance?

According to DFAT, the short answer is yes. It is easy for things not to go to plan especially when travelling. Unforeseen expenses can quickly add up while you are overseas, and nothing will dampen a holiday faster than out-of-pocket bills.

Travel insurance can help protect your financial future against unexpected expenses that arise. Remember the Australian Government will not assist in paying for your medical bills overseas. If you do not have travel insurance, you and your family will have to carry the cost.

When you purchase a policy with us at Cover-More, you have access to our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team in case something goes wrong on your holiday.

We can also safeguard you against a range of problems including lost or stolen luggage, travel delays, amendment or cancellation costs, and more! Consider protecting your next trip so you can travel with peace of mind.

Can I tailor travel insurance to suit my trip?

Absolutely! We know each traveller and each trip is different so we at Cover-More offer a number of optional cover options you can include on your travel insurance policy. From optional Winter Sports Cover, to Cruise Cover and Motorcycle/Moped Cover, you can include the optional cover that you need to suit your travel plans. You can also choose to increase your luggage limits and increase your rental car insurance excess cover.  

What should I know before buying travel insurance?

  • Finalise your travel dates and destinations.
    You’ll need to know your trip details, such as where you’re going and how long you’ll be away for, so you can arrange a travel insurance policy that protects your holiday.
  • Read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).
    Get to know the travel insurance policy you’re planning to buy so you can make an informed decision. Familiarise yourself with any terms, conditions and exclusions that are listed in the PDS to avoid disappointment.
  • Ask questions.
    Chat to our friendly customer service team if you have any questions about what our policy does – and does not – cover. You can reach us via the Live Chat pop-up on our website.
  • Get a quote for travel insurance and compare plans.
    Input your trip details into the quote box to get a free travel insurance quote online and see what options are available to you.
  • Travel with peace of mind.
    Once you’ve arranged travel insurance to protect your trip, you can start counting down the days until your departure!

Where can I get more information about travel insurance?

Have a look around our website if you’d like more details about our travel insurance coverage. It’s also important to read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement so you’re aware what is – and is not – covered by the policy.

If you have any questions, give our customer service team a call on 1300 72 88 22.

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