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Cover for Your Lost or Stolen Money

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Protect your money in case it accidentally gets lost or stolen whilst on you

When you go travelling overseas, mishaps and unfortunate events can happen. Things can go wrong like losing your money or having it stolen from you. The last thing you want to be stressing about is being short on cash if that happens.

That’s where our money benefit can help! Cover-More’s Premium Plan includes cover up to $250, if your money is lost or stolen while on your person or from a locked safe or safety deposit box. But what does “on your person” even mean? We’re glad you asked. This essentially means that cover under this benefit will only apply if you were carrying the money on you at the time it was lost or stolen. We encourage you to read the full Product Disclosure Statement so you are aware of any limits, exclusions or conditions that apply.

Remember that as a Cover-More customer, you have access to our 24/7 Global Assistance network. Our team of highly experienced professionals can help you with emergency travel and medical assistance.

Consider protecting your trip with Cover-More and check out our Premium Plan for comprehensive cover. Get a free quote online or call us on 1300 72 88 22.

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Our Money Benefit

Cover is provided for cash, bank or currency notes, postal or money orders accidentally lost or stolen on your person or a locked safe or safety deposit box during the journey.

The maximum benefit limit for this section is:

Premium Plan $250
Medical Only Plan No cover
Domestic Plan No cover
Domestic Cancellation Plan No cover
Inbound Plan No cover

We will not pay for:

  • loss or theft that is not reported to the:
    - police or security personnel;
    - responsible transport provider (if your items are lost or stolen while travelling with a transport provider);
    - accommodation provider.
    All cases of loss or theft must be reported as soon as possible and within 7 days. A copy of the relevant report must be submitted for any claim involving loss or theft. If you are unable to provide us with a copy of the relevant report, you must provide us with a reasonable explanation and details of the time and place you made the report, including their contact details.
  • loss or theft of cash, bank or currency notes, postal or money orders unless carried on your person or stored in a locked safe or safety deposit box.

Please also refer to our General Exclusions and Policy Conditions.

Get a free quote online to see how affordable protecting your travels and your money can be with Cover-More’s Premium travel insurance. Alternatively, give us a call on 1300 72 88 22 to discuss your coverage options.

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The information on this page relates to the Direct Cover-More travel insurance product effective 31 March 2021.