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      Motorcycle Travel Insurance Cover

      Motorcycles riding in Alpine highway in Austria

      Add motorcycle and moped cover to your travel insurance policy

      Every year, many Australians choose motorbikes or mopeds to explore popular destinations like Thailand and Bali. It can be an incredible way to experience a new country, and it is often the quickest and most efficient way to get around.

      However, riding a motorcycle or moped can also be a risky activity. When you’re abroad, road rules are different, traffic can be chaotic, and the bike you’re riding may be different to the one you’re used to at home. All these elements can contribute to an accident. And – even if you’re a seasoned rider – coming off a bike can result in costly medical bills and bad memories.

      Like wearing a helmet or sticking to the speed limit, taking the necessary precautions is the best way to minimise your risk. We may not be able to stop an actual accident occurring, but we can be there if one happens via 24/7 Emergency Assistance team.

      If you’re ready to protect your motorbike or moped trip with our additional cover, you can get a quote online now. Or, if you want to know more about motorcycle travel insurance cover, keep reading.

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      What is motorcycle travel insurance cover?

      Moped and motorbike travel insurance cover helps protect riders from accidents and injuries that may occur while they’re riding a motorcycle or moped on a trip.

      Because of the known risks of riding a motorbike or moped, it’s rare to find travel insurance with motorcycle cover included automatically.

      To be covered for motor biking incidents while travelling, riders will often need to purchase motorcycle travel insurance cover as part of their chosen travel insurance plan for an additional premium.

      Why do I need motorcycle travel insurance cover when travelling?

      If you’re planning to ride a motorcycle or moped on your travels, you need to carefully consider your travel insurance policy and make sure you’ve got cover in case of an accident.

      Accidents and mishaps can be very costly and stressful to deal with. Having the right motorcycle travel insurance can help cover medical costs if you end up injured, or if your bike gets stolen.

      Does Cover-More offer motorcycle travel insurance cover?

      Yes, we do. If your idea of a good time is hopping on a motorbike or moped to explore a new country, you may be interested in our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover. This additional protection can be added to your Cover-More travel insurance policy for an additional premium.

      We offer two levels of cover:

      1. Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover*: for engine capacity 250cc or less
      2. Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover*: engine capacity unlimited (conditions apply)

      Our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover can protect you if you plan on riding or being a passenger on a motorbike or moped while on your trip.

      Make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing, so you are aware of the conditions of coverage.

      Ready to get a quote?

      Motorbiker riding motorbike through Alps

      What are the conditions of Cover-More's motorcycle travel insurance cover?

      We want you to have a wonderful holiday – and if you choose to ride a motorcycle or moped, we want you to be safe, too.

      Even if you pay the extra premium for our base level Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover to be included in your policy, you will only have cover if:

      • the engine capacity of your motorcycle/moped meets your level of coverage (for Motorcycle/Moped Riding this is 250cc or less; for motorcycles more than 250cc you will need Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover)
      • while in control of a motorcycle or moped, you hold a valid Australian motorcycle rider’s licence or Australian motor vehicle driver’s licence;
      • while you are a passenger the driver holds a valid license for riding that vehicle;
      • you are wearing a helmet;
      • you are not participating in a professional capacity;
      • you are not racing; and
      • you are not participating in motocross.

      Additional conditions are required for our increased Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover to apply:

      • the motorcycle/moped is hired;
      • You have held an Australian motorcycle rider’s licence for the last 5 years;
      • while in control of a motorcycle or moped, you hold a valid Australian motorcycle rider’s licence; and
      • You are the registered owner of a motorcycle in Australia that has an engine capacity greater than or equal to the engine capacity of the motorcycle/moped you are hiring
      • while you are a passenger the driver holds a valid license for riding that vehicle;
      • you are wearing a helmet;
      • you are not participating in a professional capacity;
      • you are not racing; and
      • you are not participating in motocross.

      You may wish to compare motorcycle travel insurance benefits in Australia when deciding what coverage is right for your trip, and refer to the PDS for more information about limits, sub-limits, exclusions and conditions of our motorcycle travel insurance as we can’t cover absolutely everything.

      To speak to our team about our moped and motorbike travel insurance cover, call us on 1300 72 88 22 during Australian business hours.

      Does Cover-More's motorcycle travel insurance cover include insurance excess?

      When you have paid the additional premium for our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover, we will also include cover for the insurance excess should you become liable to pay for the damage to or theft of the motorcycle or moped rented from a licensed motor vehicle company. This is because our rental vehicle insurance excess cover and conditions include motorcycles and mopeds in this circumstance.

      For more details, see the rental vehicle insurance excess insurance section of the PDS.

      Does Cover-More's motorcycle travel insurance cover include personal liability?

      No cover will apply under the Personal Liability section of the PDS even if you’ve included either level of our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover in your Cover-More travel insurance policy.

      This means you are responsible to pay costs associated with any damage to the motorcycle, moped or property or injury to another person.

      How do I buy Cover-More's motorcycle/moped riding cover?

      It is great you’re considering adding our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover to your policy for your trip.

      You can easily buy this motorcycle travel insurance cover online or by calling our team on 1300 72 88 22.

      When purchasing travel insurance via our website, fill in your travel details in the quote box and click ‘Get Quote’.

      After selecting your chosen plan and excess level (if applicable), you soon be asked if you wish to vary your cover options. This section includes the option of adding our Motorcycle/Moped Cover or

      Motorcycle/Moped+ Cover to your policy by selecting “Yes” when prompted.

      Your premium price will adjust to reflect the additional cover you choose.

      To complete you policy purchase, fill out your personal details, complete our online medical assessment online to declare all your existing medical conditions (whether you want to purchase cover for them all or not), and then pay the premium owed.

      Ready to protect your trip? Get a quote here.

      What should I do if I get injured while riding?

      As a Cover-More customer, you have access to our Emergency Assistance team 24/7.

      We can be there for you at any time during your trip if something goes wrong, including if you’re involved in a motorcycle/moped accident and have our Motorcycle/Moped Cover included in your policy.

      If you’re hurt, we can help you find nearby medical facilities to seek treatment, among a range of other services.

      If you are travelling overseas, call us immediately on +61 2 8907 5619 if:

      • you are admitted to hospital or if you anticipate your medical expenses will exceed $2,000. This allows us to manage your case and determine the best options for your care.
      • you need help finding an English-speaking doctor while travelling.
      • you need help with lost or stolen passports or travel documents.
      • you need local legal help.

      For toll-free numbers in number of countries loved by Australian travellers, visit our Emergency Assistance page.

      It’s not uncommon for Aussie travellers to run into trouble when behind the handlebars of a motorcycle or moped – particularly in popular spots like Southeast Asia.

      If you’re riding through countries such as Cambodia or Vietnam, you will soon realise how chaotic the roads can be in comparison to back home in Australia. Add in wandering animals, the lack of road rules, and lower standards of vehicle maintenance and you’ve got yourself a challenge.

      Because of this, you may want to get protection in case you have an accident. Unfortunately, even a broken arm or a bad graze could cost you money that you’d rather spend on exploring.

      You can get a quote online now to find out how much it costs to protect you – and your finances – while you’re travelling.

      Young couple driving a moped through streets of Ibiza

      Am I covered if I ride a motorcycle/moped while under the influence?

      Holidays are often a great time to relax and enjoy yourself. But just like you wouldn’t drink and drive at home, you shouldn’t “drink and ride” overseas or ride while you’re under the influence.

      Cover will not apply if you are injured in a motorcycle or moped accident arising from being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

      If you know you won’t be sober, consider organising a ride back to your accommodation ahead of time, or use a reputable transport provider to get you safely back to your hotel so you can help keep yourself – and others on the road – safe.

      Can I choose my level of motorcycle cover with Cover-More travel insurance?

      Every trip is different – and every motorbike or moped rider is different – which is why we offer you two level of travel insurance cover to suit your needs.

      Our moped and motorbike travel insurance cover can be added to any of our international or domestic plans, as well as our Inbound Plan for non-Australian residents visiting Australia.

      You can choose either:

      1. Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover*: for engine capacity 250cc or less
      2. Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover*: engine capacity unlimited (conditions apply)

      Motorcycle/Moped Cover isn’t the only optional protection we have available. Did you know you can also add our Adventure Activities Cover or Snow Sports Cover to your policy as well? So, if you’re planning a big adventure, we can help you travel with extra peace of mind.


      Looking for motorcycle travel insurance cover?

      Let us help you travel safely with the right coverage for your next adventure.