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Travel Insurance Claims

What do I need to make a claim?

For claims to be paid in a timely manner, follow the guidelines included in your policy documents. You will find the list of Policy Conditions and what is required documentation you will need when you make a claim. In particular:

  • Report lost or stolen property to the police or responsible transport provider and be sure to get a written report that includes a description of property stolen, lost or damaged.
  • Phone the emergency assistance number as soon as physically possible if you are admitted to hospital or if you anticipate that any of your medical or related expenses are likely to exceed $2,000.

Following these guidelines will make filing your claims go much more smoothly.

Tips to file a travel insurance claim

Follow our simple step-by-step claims guide to help speed your claim through the process.

Most importantly, send all required supporting documents as outlined in the How To Make a Claim guide. You may submit them as part of your online claim submission or post them to our office. Be sure to keep a copy of all originals and forms for yourself.

If you choose the online process, you can check back on the status, or see if additional information is necessary in order for us to finalise your claim.

Complaints about the travel insurance claim process?

Cover-More always works to handle each and every claim professionally and precisely. Feel that your claim has not been handled properly? We would like to hear from you. Please use our guide to lodging a complaint.

Additional claims advice

What should I know before travelling?

World Events

For claims advice and the most current updates on world events that might impact your travels, please check out the claims advice box on our homepage or visit our World Events Claims Advice page. If you will be travelling to a region mentioned in our claims advice section or if you are already there, please read through the applicable documentation to find out how your travel plans can be affected and what the benefits available from your travel insurance policy may be.

Smart Traveller

Smartraveller is the travel advice website of the Government of Australia. This site gives helpful information to avoid risky situations whilst travelling as well as how to register for destination specific updates. Smartraveller offers specific advice for business travellers, schoolies, senior travellers, backpackers, seniors and more.

Our Travel Tips & Links page also offers plenty of useful information for a safe and pleasant journey.

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